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Red Hood and the Outlaws: Rebirth #1 Comic Book Review

As comic books go I am surprised to say that the new Red Hood is surprisingly sweet and actually tender. Ironic that  the gun toting member of the Bat Family is a big softy so don’t be too shocked. To be honest it didn’t shock me and it actually made sense since Jason Todd is one of DC’s most badass and vulnerable characters. He is someone forged in fire but afraid to let his guard down. For him the war will never be over and he will never be able to come to terms with the fact that he loves his father figure who is impossible to please, even though for us the reader we know that Bruce is proud of all his surrogate children and loves them all very deeply.

Warning: Possible spoilers ahead.


This series seems like it’s going to delve deeper into Jason Todd’s identity and legacy.It hints that he chose his moniker and that after all these years he is still scared of confronting Batman in a fight, though he is more than capable of holding his own and despite everything the series shows us how insecure Jason is, thinking to himself that he will never be a good as Dick Grayson or maybe he commits intentionally reckless and dangerous acts to purposely get a negative reaction from Batman, maybe he wouldn’t know how to react to a positive one because all his life he has only ever had the negative.

Right from the start this is an action packed comic, but that mixes with the sentimentality beautifully. Jason is going to take us on a wild ride and it’s going to be pretty awesome. He may not be the hero Batman fans want but he may just be the guy DC needs. In many ways he is a truer Dark Knight than Batman, he will cross the line so others won’t, maybe he enjoys it, but he hates that he does. The series will see Jason trying to live up to Dick Grayson and this is only the beginning as we have yet to see the Outlaws appear.

As the DC Rebirth series goes this one is a real treat and one I am looking forward to reading more of.

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