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Future Quest #2 Comic Book Review

The quest continues for young ‘Jonny Quest’ as he comes face to face with beings and heroes from other Galaxies. When we last left ‘Jonny’ he was face to face with the prolific ‘Space Ghost’, having just outrun the evil minions of the organisation named ‘F.E.A.R’. We were left with a cliff hanger as ‘Space Ghost’ seemed intent on blasting our heroes to Kingdom Come… Though, of course, given that this series is based around the esteemed ‘Jonny Quest’, I don’t think its much of a spoiler to inform you that ‘Jonny’ gets out of that situation in one piece…



This issue sees a snapshot of a battle with the same entity we came across in the previous issue, though this one offers up a number of familiar characters from the Hana-Barbera vault. We see the ‘Herculoids’ and the ‘Galaxy Trio’ give everything they’ve got in order to rid ‘Amzot’ of the ‘Omnikron’ only for a number of characters to be transported to ours, and ‘Jonny Quest’s’ world. ‘F.E.A.R’, once again, has a villainous presence in this issue, as they seek out these stranded visitors, only to be challenged by ‘Jonny’ has his closest peers.


Thus far writer Jeff Parker has put together a story full of the adventure and hijinks we came to associate with the classic ‘Jonny Quest’. In this series, however, he has also managed to lend a more modern appeal to these classic heroes and manages to transport them to this modern age. Alongside this, artist Evan Shaner has managed to maintain the classic style in his panels, each one filled to the brim with heroic nostalgia.


In all, ‘Future Quest’ continues to be a testament to the series that came before it. It is a difficult feat to nurture and develop characters as much loved as the ones within these pages, but the dynamic duo of Parker and Shaner have continued to defy expectations.


Score: 8.5/10


Future Quest #2 is available to buy by clicking here or by visiting your local comic book retailer.

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