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Detective Comics: Rebirth #935 Comic Book Review

Vigilantes aren’t safe on the streets of Gotham, but they are more than willing to fight back…

Warning: There may be possible spoilers ahead.

‘Detective Comics: Rebirth’, thus far, has focused on a war brewing between an unknown force and a trainee army of Gotham’s vigilantes. At the helm of these willing volunteers is their sergeant major ‘Batwoman’ and, in more of a background role, ‘Batman’ himself.

The previous issue showed the coming together of this A-Team as well a glimpse of what the opposition is capable of. With the knowledge of their murderous intent, ‘Batman’ makes it his mission to ensure that those, who may be most at risk, have a few surprises in their arsenal.


This issue, #935, gives the reader a taster of the boot-camp and thus a indication as to the abilities of these eager heroes. Although they are keen and possibly a little too eager to get out and face this foe, there is a sense that the race is truly on for these fresh-faced heroes to get to a level that will allow them a fighting chance! Although we well know that ‘Batwoman’ and ‘Batman’ are more than a match for most enemies, we have to wonder, how will these younger and less experienced heroes fair, especially given how they have dealt with a more experienced ally already…

Artists Ferreira and Barrows have created great appeal in their illustrations as they offer up images full of light and shadow, much like the streets of Gotham itself. Writer Tynion has managed to carry through the exciting narrative introduced in the opening of this tale. He has maintained a great build up to an all out war, as the streets of Gotham are destined to be overrun by those that seem to oppose the idea of vigilantes.

So yes, in all ‘Detective Comics: Rebirth’ continues to be one of the most exciting titles within the series. Tension is really building and, personally my nerves are beginning to fray as I wonder whether all these much loved characters will see it through this brewing war.

Score: 8.5/10

Detective Comics #935 is available to buy from today by clicking here or by visiting your local comic book retailer.

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