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Aquaman Rebirth #1 (2016) Comic Book Review

Ahoy there maties I have a sea shanty like no other for you, this be Aquaman’s Rebirth and his induction into the new DC universe. Now I know I am not your regular DC reviewer but if you give me some of your time I promise I won’t disappoint you. DC comics are in the midst of another reboot, hopefully the last one for a while because this one harkens back to the glory days of the past while bringing the modern world in, causing a collision that leads to this cacophony of beautiful art and storytelling.


Aquaman has long been the butt of jokes and this is largely due to the Super Friends cartoon series where he rode around on a sea horse and talked to tuna, oddly enough in a self-aware meta commentary the new Aquaman comic talks about this and even explains his powers and how they actually work.


The new series goes further than just discussing Aquaman’s powers but his responsibility too. Batman watches over Gotham, The Flash watches over Central City, Superman for Metropolis, Green Arrow for Star city and Blue Beetle for Hub City and Aquaman watches over the entire ocean. He is one of the great unsung heroes, in our first issue he stops a massive terrorist attack and no one is there to witness it but because he is such a humble man, with a humble origin, he does not care, in fact after this battle he simply sits down and enjoys a nice chowder.


Another lesser seen aspect of his character is further delved into and this is the fact that he is King of what essentially is a rouge and isolationist state, it’s kind of like if Kim Jong Un decided to abolish all his human right violations and suddenly fight crime, I have mentally started the screenplay already. Forgive the ocean pun but this new series has brought some much needed depth to an often overlooked character and this is a great start to what looks to be a great series.

Aquaman Rebirth #1 is available to buy from today by clicking here or by visiting your local comic book retailer.

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