Dublin Comic Con (2015) Review By Jenny and David


Back in 2014 we went to Dublin Comic Con but coming back this year was a whole new experience thanks to the amazing new venue-Dublin Convention Centre. Situated only a stones throw away from Dublin’s gorgeous city center and just across from the beautiful river Liffey. This new venue offered a complimentary Wi-Fi service, cloakroom service (which was handy for storing stuff for cosplayers) and a huge underground car park at the rear of the building.

The location was a much needed improvement from last years, which was held at the National Show Centre. The new location in Spencer Dock offers attendees more choice when it comes to things such as parking, you could choose to park at the venue or at other nearby car parks including the Point Village which was only a ten minute walk to the Dublin Convention Centre. It’s a nice change to be able to park in an actual car park and not on grass or unmarked gravel. Also walking through wet grass and mud in the rain doesn’t help especially for those wearing cosplay. If you didn’t have a car you could also travel in by Luas, buses, taxis or even walking.

The new venue also offered more hotel choices thanks to its central location, all within walking distance. With the National Show Centre you needed a car to be able to get anywhere including your hotel. The only drawback this year was that it was the same weekend as the Dublin Horse Show which meant that prices for hotels during the weekend skyrocketed.

The venue itself offered attendees it’s own catering service including wraps, sandwiches, warm and cold drinks. Basically the same type of catering you would expect at a convention held in a hotel or in an actual convention centre such as San Diego Comic Con.


Having the convention itself split between several floors and rooms improved crowd control and overall experience as everything wasn’t taking place on one floor like in previous years.


The guest list this year included Michael Rooker (Guardians of the Galaxy and The Walking Dead), Nicholas Brendan (Buffy The Vampire Slayer), Emma Caulfield, Billy West (Futurama), Steve Cardenas (Power Rangers), Gates McFadden (Star Trek), Alexis Cruz (Stargate), John Dugan and Ladislav Beran.


The biggest guest attraction this year was notably Michael Rooker, there was always a visible constant queue each time we passed by his autograph booth. The room was for his panel talk was even cleared as attendees formed a huge queue already.

The comic guest list this year included Erik Larsen, David Lloyd, Stephen Mooney, Declan Shalvey, Simon Furman, Michael Carroll and Ruth Redmond.


Ann Harrison from Bunsen Bunnies at Dublin Comic Con 2015

The artist alley at Dublin Comic Con was full of talent such the team behind the amazing Bunsen Bunnies. The artist alley is one of the highlights at any comic con convention as you get introduced to new and wonderful works by emerging talent or well established artists.


As always there was some great merchandise for everyone to see and buy including the ever popular Funko pops, models, action figures, props, posters, trinkets, reptiles (I’m not joking) oh and comics, yeah comics at a comic con who would have known?


There was even a carnival which was a very unique but fun idea and it gave the con a very interesting twist plus it was good fun for all ages.


Like last year they had plenty of cool props to see and they also provided some great photos. They had replica armors, a Delorean and a few cool display from Star Wars and Alien. Of course it wouldn’t be a con without some good cosplay and this one was no exception.


The location was fantastic with plenty of clean toilets, elevators (even ones big enough to take a car) and there was even several rooms for talks. The talks this year, thanks to the new venue, where enclosed so you had no interference from surrounding background noise. It was like the type of talks you would experience in the small panel rooms at conventions such as San Diego Comic Con. It was a much welcomed improvement and it made the talks all the more intimate and enjoyable.


All and all this has been one of our favorite conventions, it was fun and relaxed. There where so many nice people and great guests. Readers before you die you really need to attend a Michael Rooker panel. It was one of the most wonderful and unique experiences of our lives. The video below includes one of the highlights of the panel when Michael Rooker tried Cadbury’s Flake for the first time.

With Billy West and the 2nd Red Ranger (Steve Cardenas) there, our inner child was totally nerding out, 1 – umm POWER RANGERS and 2. well Billy West is incredibly talented but he is also a pretty incredible person so yeah thanks Dublin Comic Con for a kick ass weekend.


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