Ant-Man (2015) Film Review

ant man movie 2015

It’s a big film with a small hero that took a long road to being made. Ant-Man had an uphill struggle from day one, which was way back in the 1980’s. After two decades, two directors and several rewrites later we have reached the end of phase 2 for Marvel. Recently I have read a lot of negative comments online regarding the Ant-Man film. Those comments included that they thought it didn’t fit in with the Avengers and that Ant-Man shouldn’t have been white. To all the haters out there I’m telling you to shut the f**k up, it’s just a film and an incredibly fun one at that. It does not have the wow factor that the other Marvel films pack but you know what? It has their heart and it has a totally different feel and this is what makes it great.

Ant-Man may in fact be their most ambitious project to date and that’s due to its tone. Yes you can also say Guardians of the Galaxy has a very different tone from the rest of the MCU but it’s in a galaxy far far away. It may not be a surefire hit like the Avengers, Daredevil, Agents of Shield and Peggy Carter but that’s what made this a gamble. In my opinion the gamble paid off, it was fun and refreshing and it was a little bit different. Instead of a straight up good against evil battle we where treated to a caper film about the generational shift.


Joe Cornish and Edgar Wright created the original script, even after their departure you can still feel their presence through the work. It’s so distinctive and odd and yet it still mainstream. I won’t lie I was sad to see them go but they brought in Paul Rudd and Adam McKay and what we got was surprisingly amazing. You have four great comedy geniuses who managed to make a heart felt super hero film with a twist.


The cast was fantastic, you had Paul Rudd kicking ass and not aging at the normal human rate. My only major issue was even though you have this brilliant cast I felt that Evangeline Lilly, Michael Douglas and Corey Stoll where all under used. However I thought every scene they did was great. As usual Marvel really underdeveloped their villain, Stoll did a lot of work with very little and it shows that he is one damn good actor. Douglas is the true show stealer, his sense of comedy timing mixed in with the fact that he is just a brilliant actor helped create this portrait of a broken man who has lost so much but is gradually clawing it all back.


All and all it’s smarter than you’d think with some of the best cinematography, even using a whole new micro filming technique. It has fantastic action, a few nice cameos and a lot of foreshadowing. This was a fantastic end to phase 2 and I cant wait to get me some phase 3 on the go.

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