Strong female characters from Comics to TV Part 2

I had so much fun picking my first ten that I felt another ten was the next logical choice.

Selina Kyle


This young girl is as far removed from the older confident cat women that we all know and in some cases love, she may run from her problems and feelings but lets face it she is a kid and a pretty strong one. She has survived for years on the streets and has a level of resourcefullness that will own grow as she gets older. Though I am far from a fan of Gotham this younger Selina, portrayed by Camren Bicondova, has come to be one of the shows more complex characters and I am really hoping a character that finds her redemption. Like I said she may run from her problems but they are big ones and given a few years we all know what this young lady will be capable of.

Nyssa Al Ghul


One of the Demon’s lesser known daughter, it was kind of obvious why they chose her in favor of her more infamous sister Talia. She is ruthless and deadly with this one you know she gives off the calm exterior of a tiger stalking its prey but she could just as easily be as dangerous as a blood crazed shark on a feeding frenzy, she truly is one that should be feared. But below all this is a softer side, a gentle side one that loves and needs to be loved, she is in perfect balance and both those sides influence and guide her. She is uncompromising and like an arrow she can only move forward, some may see this as a flaw but its all part of her true strength.

“I am Nyssa. Daughter of Ra’s Al Ghul. Heir to the Demon.”

Angie Martinelli


Ok this may seem like a weird choice, but bare with me. She does not fight crime, she has no super powers and she is not even in the line of work she wants to be in. So how is she a strong character?

That’s easy, she has two important characteristics loyalty and determination. Both these are shown when she is being questioned about Peggy’s location, she never breaks once and even manages to full detectives into abandoning this line of inquiry. In a mans world where her gender makes her inferior this is quite an impressive feet.

Thea Queen


This one is a girl that has shown some serious strength. She has at one time of another lost all her family members, over come drug addiction, lost her fortune and faced down merciless killers, she has looked into the void and she has stared it down and become someone that is no longer a crazy party girl but a killer that can go toe to toe with Green Arrow, even if he was holding back a little. Thea was someone that I hated at first but she has really grown on screen and is truly a force to be reckoned with.



Another street kid who has been a side kick of sorts to Black Canary 1 and Red Arrow/Arsenal, she was the first person to notice that there was a new canary in town. No powers, no skills, no billions in cash this young lady gets by on guts and determination, this is what makes her strong. She does not pine after men (or ladies) she is just a ‘tough chick’ and that’s nice for a change. She has been willing to help team Arrow out weather it be going under cover or standing up to Vinnie Jones, seriously id not do that, she has been a strong ally in their fight for justice.

Caitlin Snow


After loosing her true soul mate she manages to bounce back and find strength in her work fighting crime and catching bad guys. She come off as ice cold, that’s kind of a pun btw, but she cares deeply for those around her. As part of team Flash she has been instrumental in the defeat of several manger villains. Some people might say that she spends a good portion of the time pining for her lost love but come on she only human, I don’t care what anyone says she a quiet strength in her and is one of the est characters on the Flash.

Caitlin Snow: So we’re just supposed to get used to working above a makeshift prison housing evil people with superpowers.

Harrison Wells: You’d be surprised what you can get used to, Caitlin.

Black Canary 1 and 2


The original Black Canary (In Arrow), she has been through many trials and tribulations. Coming back from death not once but twice, hopefully a third time too, she has defied the odds and like Thea has evolved from a wild party girl to become one of the deadliest characters in the series.Trained by the League of Assassins and hardened through the journeys she has been through Sarah may be one of the best characters that the show has spawned.


Laurel at times can be hard to like, after all she been¬†through so much but you can’t blame her. Laurel has lost friends and loved ones, came back from drug and alcohol addiction, even helped her father get over his addictions. She has a lot of resilience, more than most people would, she may have almost been broken by outside forces but like a reed in the wind she bent but did not break. She is far from being the great crime fighter that her sister was and that Oliver is, but with training from the great Ted Grant she definitely will rise up and become the hero we all know she can be.

Fish Mooney


A lot of people where furious at this addition to the Gotham cast, I can see why, its not her actress, in fact her she is the only reason why Fish has probably stayed, it was the addition of another character into the Batman mythos that annoyed everyone. Sure she is probably going to die but its going to be one hell of a ride getting there. A mature older women who uses her sexuality and violent tendencies in equal amounts this villainous vixen is truly deadly, I¬†don’t see how people keep underestimating her. Her grab for power has been a compelling watch and would not be out of place on shows like Brotherhood or the Sopranos, that’s how good her character is.

“Falcone is getting old and soft, it’s time, somebody has to take over, it might as well be me”¬†Fish Mooney to Oswald Cobblepot

Jemma Simmons


Season one’s (Agent of SHIELD) quiet wall flower has really grown into someone who is maybe not a badass but a resourceful young women. She was willing to go under cover in Hydra and was willing to take so many risks to bring them down. She is not the Simmons that we began with, though she still has an awkward adorable clumsy side, she is now more confident in her abilities, all she needs to do is get past her guilt and push on and she will be quite the character. Besides it’s nice to see a Brit showing everyone else how it’s done.

Jemma Simmons: Well, you can officially tell your physical therapist that you’re fit as the proverbial fiddle, especially for a man of your age.
Phil Coulson: “A man of my age?” That’s something you say to an old person.

Many of these women have their flaws but these flaws don’t always define them, in fact it’s how they over come these flaws that makes them strong and shows that in a world where Super Men can crush you with their fingers a women can not only fight back but thrive and flourish.

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