Keep Constantine Alive


As comic book adaptation go Constantine has been very good, maybe it’s not 100% perfect and it’s not been the greatest TV show but with each episode it stumbles a little less and finds its footing, it’s a series that has so much potential and I fear that NBC are making a huge mistake. Looking back on other comic book shows such as Agents of Shield and Arrow, I found that the first season was always their weakest, the same to goes for supernatural based series such as Charmed and of course Supernatural. These series need to establish a good foundation which leads to usually weak first seasons. When I say weak by no means do I mean Constantine is a weak series it definitely began to pick up steam, particularly from episode 7 when John must assist a fallen angel and stop a corrupt preacher, then going up against demons in Mexico and one of DC comics most infamous magic users in last week’s episode the series is anything but weak.

Due to the nature of Constantine the series can do so much, one week he could be saving us from Hell itself while the next he could be helping a few innocent children. The stakes are always big but sometimes they are just grand beyond reckoning.


The cast is strong and the plot is really developing along nicely. Welsh born thespian Matt Ryan is a major reason to watch the series, he embodies so much of Constantine, his charm, his rage and even his heart of gold. Matt Ryan has done a fantastic job as the every man’s exorcist. Acting as the Angels on Johns shoulders are Angélica Celaya, Charles Halford and the literal Angel played by Harold Perrineau, each of them bring something new to and different to this show. Plus by keeping the cast small the wold can be so much bigger and it’s a huge world. Heaven, Hell, Earth and thousands of other realms are all set out before us as we watch and bare witness too.

Constantine - Season Pilot

So when it comes to this series NBC trust me cancelling it would be a huge mistake.

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