Galavant (2015) TV Pilot Review


Galavant follows the adventures of a brave warrior in his pursuit to defeat an evil king and win back his true love.

When I first read about Galavant I was confused. A fairytale musical comedy. It sounded ridiculous. I couldn’t possibly fathom how it could work. Then I saw the promo and completely changed my mind. It was funny, entertaining and clever. I even found myself singing along to the songs. So I was very disappointed when I found out that it was premiering midseason rather than in September. But after watching the pilot (and episode 2 which aired straight after), I can see it was worth the wait. It somehow exceeded my already high expectations with witty writing, catchy songs and a very talented cast.


Joshua Sasse leads the show as the titular hero Galavant. He does a great job in the role, making the character loveable almost instantly. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s very dashing and has a great voice to match. Mallory Jansen also delivers a strong performance as the bitchy queen who used to be in a relationship with Galavant. She’s one of those characters you want to hate but she’s so entertaining that you can’t help but love her (especially in episode 2). Joining our hero Galavant on his quest are Princess Isabella (played by Karen David) and Sid (Luke Youngblood). Both perform well but the latter feels a tad underused in both the pilot and episode 2.


Now let’s talk about the real standouts of the episodes; King Richard, Gareth and Chef played by Timothy Omundson, Vinnie Jones and Darren Evans respectively. All give laudable solo performances but together they are simply outstanding. I don’t know how but this trio, consisting of a nervous chef, a tough guy guard and a flamboyant king, somehow works. Their scenes together are great to watch and had me in stitches the whole time. The level of comedy brought by these guys is incredible and they really shine in episode 2. I can’t wait to see more of them!


Not only is the cast great, the music and the writing are brilliant. But then again, can you expect anything less from the team that brought us the film Tangled? The only downside of Galavant is that each episode is only 20 minutes. And with a show that is this entertaining it feels I’m only watching for about 5 minutes. However don’t despair. Each week there are 2 episodes making it double the fun.


I’ll admit I was worried about Galavant when it was announced that it was premiering midseason. I was more worried when it had no Comic Con panel (it being a show perfect for Comic Con). And then I got really worried when it was announced it was going to only be 8 episodes over a 4 week period. However after seeing how good the first two episodes were some of that anxiety has subsided. A large amount of comedies have been cancelled this TV season. Something is clearly not working. Perhaps asking people to devote 4 weeks of their life to a show rather than half a year will increase ratings. Also I believe in quality over quantity and by only having 8 episodes to produce they can really focus on making it the best show possible. This combined with an exceptional cast, hilarious characters, clever writing and songs that are guaranteed to get stuck in head makes me hopeful for a successful season for Galavant…..and fingers crossed a season 2.

Rating- 5/5


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