Sheppard EP Album Review

I am always on the hunt for new beats, new music to inspire, innovate or even comfort me. I’m someone who can generally say he likes everything. I have rocked to the likes of Metallica and Aerosmith. I have managed to see The Who on multiple occasions and I have jammed out to unknown Reggae acts. I also have quite the collection of funk and sometimes me and my fellow writers Alison and Siobhan go to a cheesy 70’s night and sing along to everything from Abba to Bowie. For me to like one genre of music would be like drinking only water for the rest of my life. In these last few months I have struggled to find something new to really draw me in. The last ‘new’ acts I have been into where Mmoths and The Naked and Famous, so it’s been a while since I had a new interest that’s why it’s been such a blessing to discover Sheppard.


Formed in 2009 by brother and sister duo George and Amy Sheppard, Jason Bovino, Michael Butler, Dean Gordon and eventually younger sister Emma Sheppard. This is a band which combines a fast paced sound, mostly upbeat lyrics and fantastic harmonies. We are coming into the dark and cold months of the year now and I really was in need of a good pick me up. I managed to get a copy of their independently released EP and it being a CD the best way to test it is to put it on in your car and just sit back and enjoy. True to form for me it took me six listens to get past the first track and this is why a five track EP can take me hours to get through.

Let me down easy

It’s infectious, a little flamboyant and just catchy. This one is a true sing a long track and I love every second of it. As mentioned earlier it took me several goes just to get past this track as every time I heard it I had to restart and listen to it over and over again.

Hold my Tongue

When I hear this song I can’t help but click my fingers. It’s another infectious tune and probably not the best to listen to while driving, as two hands are usually necessary for driving. Yet another great track.


I’m not a whore

As a break from the standard format this one has Amy singing the vocals, and her sweet voice is such a contrast with these harsh lyrics directed at any ex who considers someone a whore for moving on, a weird mix of bubble gum and bitterness but still good for putting a smile on your face.

Flying Away / Pebble Road

Flying away has definitely been a highlight for me, it’s my favourite track off the EP.  It’s just a great duet between both singers, it’s fast paced and energetic would be great to dance too, with a driving beat that you need to bob your head too.

Pebble Road on the other hand was a lot more somber and the only quiet track on the record, it’s pretty chilled out and just nice to listen to, in my opinion it was the 5th best but that’s not saying much as every track on this EP was a real winner.


A great little CD with a lovely box, with some great artwork and a nice texture, a great touch for an indie release.  The Sheppard EP (2012) shows great promise and the band follow up with Bombs Away (2014) shows that their potential is growing with every track.

For more information you can check out Sheppard’s official website or their Facebook.

You can listen or download their songs and albums on iTunes.

You can also buy their albums on Amazon.



Sheppard will be touring Europe beginning 3rd November.


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