The 100 Season 2 Teaser Clip- A Lesson in How to Get Your Audience to Scream at Their Screens


I am really not a fan of teasers or single scene clips; in fact I generally despise them. Whenever movie or television teasers/clips are released I always find myself groaning and asking why they couldn’t have just given me a trailer instead. Trailers have more information; they show more characters and reveal more scenes. Surely a trailer is much more exciting, right? Well in the case of The 100; wrong, dead wrong.

The first 3 minutes of the season 2 premiere episode of The 100 was just released as a teaser to satiate us eager fans having to wait until its air date on the 22nd October. And boy did it deliver.

The clip picks up right from where season 1 left off, Clarke being held captive in a strange white room and being watched via camera. The pleasant piano music in the background just makes the whole thing creepier and it has that old school asylum feeling to it. I’m sure that the van Gogh painting is meant to represent something, no doubt fans smarter than me will have already worked this out. That’s one of the best things about this clip; you feel as if every little part means something or is meant to symbolize something.

The drama heightens when Clarke realises that fellow prisoner Monty is missing and with an eerie crash of music and mysterious figure in a gas mask, you can feel the show really upping the ante. We then see character development at its best. Clarke started season 1 as quite the pacifist and as the series progressed she transformed into this strong warrior. Hence her showing no fear in smashing through the window, confronting her captor and taking her hostage. Even when she cuts her arm open she only stops for a beat; in short Clarke has turned into a badass. The image of Clarke dressed all in white with blood stains smeared all over is actually quite striking, and symbolic. It’s almost as if the white represents Clarke’s innocence and the blood is the destruction of that. Of course that’s purely my own interpretation of it, but recently the use of imagery has become more popular in shows and I think it’s a prime example here.

The contamination issue raised by Clarke’s captor turned hostage is an interesting one. Are the 100 viewed as sick? Do they have something contagious? Her compliance to Clarke is even more interesting. Of course if I had a piece of glass shoved against my throat I’d be completely compliant also. But it was almost too willing; like she wasn’t really on the captors’ side or more likely that she was working for them due to fear. I’m sure these questions will be explored throughout the episode.

Another great moment is when Clarke sees herself in a mirror, pausing for a second, perhaps shocked at her violent actions. She comes full circle here and we see some of that lost innocence return for a brief time. But there’s also the realisation that she has become this way in order to survive and quickly resumes questioning her hostage.

The clip ends with Clarke and her hostage stepping out of an elevator, Clarke obviously seeing something that shocks her and uttering “Where the hell am I?” And then we fans begin to scream at the screen, not because we would’ve preferred a trailer, but because we know it’s the end of the clip and we realise that we’re going to have to wait 3 weeks to see anymore of this brilliant show.

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