Web Summit expands into Film, Sports, Food & Music

The Dublin Web Summit is expanding beyond technology this year by including 4 new summits: film, sports, food and music. These new summits will provide attendees with an invaluable insight into how technology has evolved into the film, sports, food and music industry. Could this become Dublin’s own version of Austin’s infamous SXSW? The Web Summit has become a massive success in such a short space of time and has become Europe’s best annual technology conference scene. If it keeps growing at it’s current rate, the Web Summit could be the go to destination for not only technological leaders but also innovative and aspiring musicians, filmmakers, sports journalists, food critics and many more.

Guests announced so far for the film summit include:

Oscar winning visual effects supervisor Tim Webber


visual effects supervisor Tim Webber

Even if don’t know who Tim is, you are bound to have seen the film Gravity, this was the film that Tim won an Oscar for this year in the Best Achievement in Visual Effects category. Before he won that well deserved Oscar, he worked on many other great films including Avatar and The Dark Knight. I just want to shake this guy’s hand just for his work on The Dark Knight alone. I’ve only ever seen it on IMAX (twice) because nothing else can showcase the visual effects on this film as well. I literally felt like I was flying over Gotham’s skyscrapers during the opening scene with the robbery.

Tim Webber’s panel at the Web Summit is sure to include his extensive knowledge and experience on how groundbreaking technology has shaped and affected visual special effects in the film industry.

The Walking Dead producer Gale Anne Hurd

Gale Ann Hurd, Norman Reedus 7 Robert Kirkman.

Gale Anne Hurd, Norman Reedus & Robert Kirkman.

Gale Anne Hurd is a producer and screenwriter and currently she is working on the hit TV series, The Walking Dead.  Who knew that Zombies would became such a craze in the film and TV industry in the last few years? Gale has worked on many other films as well including Aliens & Terminator 2: Judgement Day, one of my favourite sci-fi films, even after all these years it still amazes me with the visual effects and storytelling.

Django Unchained producer Michael Shamberg

Michael Shamberg

Michael Shamberg

Michael is a producer, his filmography includes Pulp Fiction, Wish I Was Here, Garden StateMatilda and Ghost World. Wish I Was Here was one of the Kickstarter projects we helped fund, this is a prime example of how social media can affect how a film can be made. When I attended the backers advanced screening I think I felt what a Producer must feel like when they see the end product after months or even years of work, it was pride.

Unfortunately for producers, they often get overshadowed by the actors or the director. For instance, not many people actually could tell you what a producer does.  Let me sum it up in one line, your favourite shows and films wouldn’t exist without the producers as they are the glue that holds everything together. Producers are responsible for: the finances, day to day operations from conception to completion of a film or TV series, editing and even in the creative process e.g. script re-writes.

I’m hoping their panels at the Web Summit will explore how technology and social media has influenced or interfered with the film-making process.

Jon Favreau said it best “Every time the technology changes, it has different implications for storytelling.”



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