CW TV Promo Reviews

So CW has only released two promos for new shows. Thus this promo review will be a more in detail spotlight on those two: Jane the Virgin and The Flash. When the CW releases promos for the others I will be sure to review them as well but for now let’s focus on the two we’ve got.

Jane the Virgin– A religious, virginal young woman finds out she is pregnant after being artificially inseminated.


Adapted from a successful Venezuelan telenovela this show centres on a mishap that changes the life of a woman and those around her. Jane is the typical “good girl” who tries to do everything in life by the book. It’s refreshing to see the girl next door type take the central role in a television show; it makes it more relatable and realistic. Although, the plot is anything but realistic- a doctor accidentally artificially inseminating a patient may be hard for some viewers to believe. However the hijinks and hilarity that ensues afterwards make up for the shaky plot. While the promo makes this show look like a comedy, it will be sure to have its dramatic moments as well. There are already hints at this in the relationships between Jane, her mother and her grandmother. These more emotional scenes may cement the show’s potential as the funny, heart warming coming of age tale that it could be.

Excitement factor- 3.5/5

The Flash– Based on the DC Comics character, a scientist is given the ability of super speed after being struck by lightning.


Like Gotham, I started getting excited by this way before the promo was released. Any television show associated with DC is immediately going to get some positive attention from me and this one is no different. I’ve attached two videos with this: the “Don’t Blink” first look and the extended trailer. The “Don’t Blink” first look is brilliant, combining The Flash with Arrow made me squeal, I totally fangirled. Having watched that first, there was definitely high anticipation and high expectations for the extended trailer. It did not disappoint.  The epic nature of the promo almost seems like a movie. It is action packed from the very start, explaining how scientist, Barry Allen, becomes The Flash. Grant Gustin, probably most known for his role on Glee, shows his leading man capability and fits well into the role of scientist turned superhero. While there is not a close look at the rest of the cast in the promo, it is known that there will be some well known DC characters appearing.

The appearance of Stephen Amell in the promo further bolsters how good this promo is. The chemistry between Amell and Gustin translates to a great rapport between Green Arrow and The Flash. This will hopefully lead to more crossovers between the two shows. The Flash seems like a more light hearted show than Arrow, while there is obviously still dark moments, there is a lot of humour in the promo, something Arrow sometimes lacks. I wonder if the show will keep on this path or get darker as it progresses. This is a fantastic promo, giving fellow DC show Gotham a run for its money. It will be interesting to see how the two do, and which fares better. Despite the competition I think judging on their promos both Gotham and The Flash will be successful.

Excitement factor- Racing off the scale, The Flash surpasses a simple 5/5.

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