MCM Belfast Comic Con Review by David

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MCM Belfast comic Con has come and gone and I have to say it clearly surprised us all. I’m a self-confessed geek and even I did not realize I had that many fellow brothers in arms. The place was packed full on day one and not even the terrible weather kept the crowds from coming.


It may not have had the star power that some of its big brothers had but still if you were a fan of Red Dwarf, Mass Effect, Star Trek or Game of Thrones you would feel more than satisfied.


For all those who want more well, you had a fantastic selection of stalls to buy some awesome goodies from; whether it be the ridiculously cute Teemo hat I spent the weekend wearing, a proper master sword that one of our friends purchased, delicious cupcakes from Amazing Cake Company, plushies, Batarangs and even a Gundam Pikachu this place had it all. On the one hand I am very pleased with the amount of stalls, on the other hand I am very disappointed with my bank balance, but hey that’s just me. Come on who needs to eat and pay for things like rent?


TokyoToys Stall at MCM Belfast Comic Con

TokyoToys Stall at MCM Belfast Comic Con


Further adding to the fun was a nice cameo appearance by the Robot Wars live team.


OK they wouldn’t let me play with Sargent Bash, but hey my preteen years came flooding back to me and I was pleased. I am sensing that some of you readers may not be satisfied with my love for candy, television, robots and toys, jeez are you dead inside?


If all those delicious treats where not enough for you then you could always dander over to the Comic Village and pick up plenty of goodies, this is also something that I did. We will have plenty of reviews for you in the upcoming days. This is one of my highlights for any con, getting to chat with Writers and Artists about their work, whether it be weird and wonderful or just very deep, this is my passion.


Turncoat Press

Turncoat Press at MCM Belfast Comic Con Comic Village

If your are completely dead inside and still want more well we can give you more. For those competitive peeps out there you could try your hand at League of Legends, maybe enter a Cosplay competition or just go ahead and try your hand at some Yu Gi Oh, presented in conjunction with our local Trading Post, it’s an awesome shop go check it out.


I wont lie the con was not perfect; location wise the Kings Hall has ample parking, but it’s a little isolated and the space MCM where allocated was not their biggest, but frankly it was only year one and no one expected it to be this big of a deal, so next year let’s hope for a level up. With long queues to get in and only one ATM the start for most people was a little under whelming but once everyone started to move around moods defiantly perked up; the crowds where good, food was easy to get too and there was plenty of toilets, this was a good con, with some room for improvement. Last but not least there was also a nice surprise in the form of a Bar, just round the corner from the main stage, you don’t find many conventions with a bar located inside.

Nerdgeist Writers Siobhan & May enjoying a drink at Belfast Comic Con

Nerdgeist Writers Siobhan & May enjoying a drink at Belfast Comic Con

Bar at MCM Belfast Comic Con

Bar at MCM Belfast Comic Con

Overall it was great way to spend your weekend, fun for people of all ages, a lot of really friendly people and lots of amazing merchandise and events I really cannot wait till 2015!


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  1. I can honestly say I am still buzzing from it, was an amazing day, I was the Deadpool with the Captain America, we even got on the news! Cannot wait for next year, does anyone know of any other style of Cons like this that run through the year?


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