Interview with Marco Tonetti, Co-Founder at Onion Squire and Creator of Game Developerz

As supporters of creative talent & Kickstarter projects we came across Game Developerz. To find out more about this project and why you should help fund it we contacted Marco Tonetti, Co-Founder at Onion Squire and Creator of Game Developerz.

Why did you choose Kickstarter to fund your project? 

We started following Kickstarter and every crowdfunding platform out there since the very early Kickstarter’s days back in 2009. These days, if you have a dream, and you want to be able to start your own business, you can’t really do it without investors. Unless you are from a rich family, but that’s a different story.

Business Angels are usually very reluctant to invest on you, unless you have an history of successful business stories. Crowdfunding allows you to show them you are worth investing on, and also allows you to get in close touch with your investors from all around the world. Crowdfunding also allows you to live your dream, and if you are a worthy guy, it could allow you to start up properly.

Despite all the rest, It gives you the chance to hope, and that’s a wonderful thing!
We decided to go for Kickstarter because it is the most popular crowdfunding platform and it also has a great customers support!


What was your inspiration for this game? 

I’d like to tell you more about my professional career before answering the question, it will not take a lot, don’t worry… I’ve worked for several years in the videogames industry and I started my career as a game designer for the famous mod DotA All-Stars about 10 years ago. Since then I’ve had the chance to meet lots of great professionals and cool guys, but of course I’ve also been in touch with some less funny guys (as you might know they are everywhere, and yes.. the games industry has some of them as well!). My job has eventually become a good 80% of my life because if I’m not with my girlfriend, I’m either playing, designing or developing a game..

I also think about games when I eat or when I have a shower. I know it could be sad for someone who doesn’t likes games, but I’m sure you will understand me 100%! Despite everything I’m very fond of my job, I’m proud of what the games industry is and I love it. But I’m also aware that it is made of companies that are making games just to gain a profit and that are not lead by their passion for it, and I actually hate that side of the industry. For this kind of hate/love feeling I have, I wanted to create Game Developerz to celebrate the Games Industry, but I also wanted to have fun of its “dark side”. That’s why I thought of a satirical and funny kidding of all the dynamics and people in a gaming studio as well as all the actors of the games industry in general.


How did you decide on your visual style? 

The preproduction of the game has been more about the look and feel of the game. Discussing with the Team we realized that the first and most important feature of this game was that it had to be fun and satirical, irreverent but never disrespectful. The choice was quite easy: we needed a not complex but expressive look, not “jelly” but hilarious… we wanted it to be more or less like a comic book about what happens in every gaming studio! We really worked till late night for it…

With that fixed in mind, our two artists had an intense phase of researching, concepting and sketching. Their goal was to find the perfect compromise between our comic idea and the feasibility and affordability of the whole mass of work we would have had to face in the following months… at that point, looking forward to more than a hundred cards to be done in just a few months was quite scary! The guidelines we came out with were the following: approximately 3/3 figures, huge oval heads, big eyes and noses, sticking out ears, short limbs but expressive joints, 4 fingered.

From that moment on, our artists made their best to stick to these guidelines and flex them at our comic will. Both of our artists worked on doodles, then the rest of the work was split between sketching/inking, made by our Art Director, and coloring made by our double classed Designer/Artist.

NightVision Lizard

How easy is it to pick up? How long does a standard match take? 

It might look a little difficult at the beginning, but It’s actually very easy to pick up, you just need a couple of turns to understand what you can do and you are done. It’s so easy that even my girlfriend can play it, and she also wins sometimes. She doesn’t usually plays any game at all! ..If she can do it, so it’s really easy to pick up and play!

A standard match played by people used to the game takes between 40 to 70 mins. A match with new players can take up to 90 mins.


You have plenty of in jokes, such as my personal favourite Electric Farts, what’s your personal favourite?

I love all of them, if I had to go for my favorite cards I’d go for either Nightvision Lizard or “Studio shutdown one month after acquisition”(see attached cards). The first doesn’t needs any introduction I guess, the second  is related to the sad thing that happened to a company acquired by Disney last year.

Whose praise so far for the game has meant the most? 

As you might have seen we sent the game to lots of famous people and legends from the games industry. They were all professionals and some of them made the history of it. They are all important at the same level!
An interesting fact is that a few days ago Ken Levine backed our project, then he wrote us telling that the game was very good and if he could have done something to help us sharing the word about the game with the world! It really made me proud of the game.

What are the future plans for your game?

We’ll see how the ks campaign will end and then we will decide how to handle the game. For sure we will fulfill our backers’ rewards and we will distribute the game. In the plan is also to release a digital version of the game, but we are not sure yet how and when. We’d also love to introduce it to Steam Greenlight, but we need first to see how many fellows we gather before deciding what to do.


And finally out of the creators who is the best player? 

Of course me! The other creators are noobs! 😛


You can find out more about Game Developerz and how to make a pledge here

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