Banshee is back for its second season !


Banshee is back and season two is quite the start to the new season. For those of you who haven’t seen the series the plot is as follows: Our as yet unnamed protagonist serves 15 years in prison for stealing diamonds from the terrifying Ukrainian Gangster known as Mr. Rabbit. Upon finding that his accomplice and lover (who is also Rabbits daughter), Anastasia has fled to the small rural community of Banshee and is living under an assumed identity he proceeds to track her down. Upon arriving there the new Sheriff Lucas Hood is killed, our ‘hero’ takes his identity, so he can watch over his former love. The series follows the now named Lucas Hood as he struggles to balance his old and new life, with a very unorthodoxed policing style that though effective tends to rub some the wrong way.


With several key groups in the area of Banshee, White Supremists, Native American’s, Amish, a crime group lead by a former Amish man and not to forget the everyday towns folk, this series is pretty action packed and can be brutally vicious at times.


With the main characters being left in a very messed up situation the second series does well to resolve many plot points and even add a few more in. I know a lot of people have yet to start watching Banshee all I can say is that the second season looks to outdo the first and I really want to know Lucas Hood’s secret, he seems to be able to seduce women in a matter of seconds.

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