The To Do List (2013) Film Review

landing_todolistThe To Do List

Set in the glory days of 1993 Aubrey Plaza stars as Brandy Klark, a straight A student set to go off to college, who makes that summer her mission to become sexually experienced. Yes the plots a little cliché, but then again it’s never really been done from a girl’s perspective so it adds a fresh perspective to the movie. Think Clueless meets American Pie, though I feel that analogy doesn’t do the movie any justice.

Aubrey is perfectly suited for the leading role in this film; we have seen her do dead pan in Parks and Recreation, we have seen her do chilled out in Safety not Guaranteed, but here we get a whole new Aubrey. In this film we get a control freak and also a classic intimidating Plaza, it’s a great role for her and she plays it so well yet so funny. With Racheal Bilson as her sister the two have such great onscreen banter, from hot to cold, like any great sibling relationship, they are so funny onscreen together.


Massive props need to go to Bill Hader (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) and Clark Gregg (Agents of Shield), playing Brandy’s Boss and Father respectively. Hader is someone we have seen in many roles but he is absolutely brilliant as the pool manager here, some of the best laughs come from him. The rest of the great laughs come from Clark Gregg, this film confirms what many of us have thought for years, that Gregg has perfect comedy timing, he knows when to go big and when to go subtle. Playing the polar opposite of Jim’s Dad from American Pie, this over protective conservative father really adds a lot to the mix.


The cast is filled out with other great actors including Danny Glover (Community), Christopher Mintz-Plasse , Scott Porter, Sarah Steele and Alia Shawkat (Arrested Development).   I really love the 1993 plot line; with dungarees, 90210, Marky Mark references and an awesome sound track this film really is just a fun watch, not to mention a time when you couldn’t just Google your answers. So if you want a film that manages to be smart, a little gross, sexy, funny and still wind everything up in a realistic ending this one’s for you.

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