Review on The Death of Miss Mind Shift


It’s hard to find a book that really stands out in this modern market, never mind a whole series, it seems to me that unless HBO makes a series about it, or Hollywood decide to make it into a movie, it’s nearly impossible to get noticed. There is so much of the same out there that finding something unique is difficult, that’s why I have become a firm fan of the Emerald nights series.

Jayme has taken an over saturated genre, that of super powered people and given it fresh life with her unusual and brilliant perspective.  This blurb here was taken directly from Amazon :

After years of misery and evil doing, Ruby is out of Madison’s crew. Ruby no longer makes a living out of others’ misfortune. Ruby, Brody, and Darcy try their best to live as a family unit. During the day they act as the rest, working regular jobs and attending school. At night they disguise themselves as Miss Mind Shift, Captain Matter, and Serpentine. Known to the city as The Seattle Supers.

It has been eight months since the night Madison and Julian disappeared behind the wall of fire. For eight months The Supers have spent that time defending the streets and stopping crime.

Ruby continues to use her telekinesis, weakening her body every day. Her dreams and hallucinations are now much worse. Ruby knows she doesn’t have much longer if she keeps using her powers but how can she give up such a big part of who she is? When Madison returns with a bigger threat than could have ever been imagined can Ruby hang on long enough to defeat her?

The stakes are high in this book and set in a more gritty and realistic world, with Seattle acting as the back drop you really need to keep going, it’s a brilliantly written story one that I eagerly anticipate to see more from. I really want to tell you more but am afraid to let out spoilers, just trust me on this one and go check the book out ASAP.


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