Interview with Jade from Tokyo Toys

What’s been the best or craziest cosplay that’s visited your stall at Birmingham MCM Expo?

The craziest cosplay would have to be Pokemon duo. They must’ve been sweating under all that! Here’s a picture

There were many other amazing costumes but those two, for me, stood out the most.


Have you got a favourite exhibitor that also attend the expo?

Honestly, I couldn’t pick a favourite! I really enjoy talking to and meeting a lot of the exhibitors at expo; everyone from Tecmo Koei and Capcom, Manga and MVM, Neon Martian and Tofu Cute. I love how varied the product range is at each stand and how friendly the staff always are. (o^^o)


What’s your favourite part of the expo?

I love socialising with like minded people, having a laugh with them and seeing them walk away happy. Making our customers smile is the best part of my job. ^_^


What is the experience of being an exhibitor at such a massive convention like London MCM Comic Con? 

I feel so proud to be given the opportunity to represent such an innovative company at the UK’s biggest and best comic con. I really look forward to every MCM convention, it’s my favourite time of year.



What would be your number one piece of advice for a stall-renting newbie?

Work hard, persevere and invest wisely.


How did you first get into Anime?

I’ve actually grown up with anime without realising! I used to love coming home from school to watch the next episode of Pokemon, Cardcaptors and Dragon Ball Z! It wasn’t until years later when I started watching series such as Naruto, Haruhi and Gurren Lagann that I discovered anime had such a friendly and inviting community surrounding it.


How did you get involved with Tokyo Toys?

I was just very lucky and happened to ask at the right time. I’d always enjoyed going into the store; there is always so much to look at and the staff are always so friendly; it was one of the first places I applied for a job. Words cannot describe how happy I was when I found out I got the job. 😀


 Do you remember the first con you ever attended?

Unfortunately, I can’t remember the year I first went, around 2008 or 2009, but MCM Expo was the first convention I went to. So seeing it evolve and expand each and every year is a really wonderful thing to experience. I can’t wait for the next expo! (^o^)/


You can buy the products as shown in the photos on their website

(Website and convention prices may differ due to postage & packaging costs)



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