Interview with Graham Dillon from Grahamedia at Eirtakon 2013


While at Eirtakon I managed to meet Graham Dillon of Grahamedia. If you have a chance to meet him at a con I really advise it, his videos are great and the talk he ran was very informative and also just fun. Afterwards I managed to ask him a few questions, if you like what you read and see check out his youtube page here.

1. What inspired you to go it alone and create your own company?

My father has built a company from the ground up. He start when I was very young and has gone from strength to strength through the years. But I don’t particularly want to get into the family business. I have a passion for film, tv, and photography. My parents told me to do what makes me happy so long as I can make a living from it. So I do. I’m the youngest director of live TV in the Irish parliament. I shoot music videos here and overseas, and I get to take stills and video of amazing cosplayers and costumes. I work in other TV and film too, but I prefer the cosplay stuff!

2. What are your highlights from of the work you have created so far?

Highlights of my work have been the videos I’ve done for cons so far. They are a lot of fun. And apparently some people like them!

My next project is always my favourite project. So to choose from what I’ve done is tough. But to choose from what I plan to do makes my heart flutter.

3.You touched on it briefly in your talk at Eirtakon but: What drove you to both filming and participating in Cosplay

Finding a hot cosplay girlfriend… But really I have always had an underlying interest in costumes. Looking back at Halloween pictures through the years it’s a wonder how I didn’t get into cosplay sooner. I feel being a cosplayer gives me an insight into what a cosplayer is going through when they are being shot. From tight corset like pieces to furrys and even full latex body suits. I think understanding the mind set of a cosplayer helps me approach and shoot a costume better than your average con attendee.

4. You spoke briefly about it at the Con but; Do you feel that Cosplay is becoming overly sexualised and, if so, what would you do to combat this?

Over sexualisation of cosplayers or costumes is something that gets on my nerves. Using a woman’s body to increase your views on a video or a photograph is kind of wrong. I’m not against women wearing sexy costumes that show off their bodies and make them feel and look good. But I am against capturing that on film and using it for your own gain. It’s demeaning and regressive. Cosplay is really taking off world wide. And I fear that more people will come into the culture with the wrong idea about the ladies who cosplay and their expectation of conventions. I can shoot costumes perfectly well without over sexualising a subject, male or female, so why can’t other people?

5.Who or what has inspired you throughout your career?

The Lord of the Rings trilogy really opened my eyes to having a career in the media industry. So Peter Jackson has been a big influence. But apart from him my list of inspiration is endless. Anything I do, have done, or plan to do has been researched before I jump in. So before I jumped in to the cosplay video world I studied people like Sneaky Zebra and their videos. I just soak up the most diverse and expansive amount of media all the time. I look at things very differently. I don’t look at a pretty picture and see a lovely flower. I see how difficult it would have been to do, or what it would have taken to get that picture.

6. What are your ambitions for the future?

Ambitions for the future? I have plans for some great short films and at the moment I’m keeping all my cards close to my chest. The best place to see what I’ll be doing is my Facebook or Twitter.

I’ve just released pictures of my Venom costume and that seems to be quite popular at the moment and I’ll have some more cosplay videos out soon. They’ll be on my YouTube channel and linked across most social media.

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