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The Defenders, our blue collared heroes

Disney continues their unimpeded march forward with the Marvel Franchises. This time they are bringing us 4 lesser known heroes, but this time as 4 short Netflix series that will eventually merge into one miniseries called The Defenders. The more hardcore fans will know the Defenders as an ad-hoc team formed by Dr Strange, The Hulk, Silver Surfer and Namor the Submariner; this particular team will contain none of those members.

This TV Incarnation of the team will consist of Power Man, Iron Fist, Daredevil and Jewel, who are these masked men ( and women ) you ask, well keep reading to find out.

Power Man – Luke Cage


After going to prison for a crime he didn’t commit he volunteered for an experimental procedure to boost his immune system, but instead it gave him ‘steel hard skin’ and super strength.

After he escaped from prison he takes on the identity ‘Luke Cage’ and becomes a hero for hire

Best friends with Iron Fist

He eventually marries Jessica Jones (Aka Jewel)

One of Actor Nicolas Cage’s favourite super heroes (Thus why he is called Cage and not Coppolla)

He is someone who has gone from on the run fugitive to eventual leader of the avengers; this guy has done it all.

Iron Fist – Daniel Thomas “Danny” Rand


Created during the 1970s heavily influenced by pop culture of his day.

Gained the mystical Iron Fist by training in the ancient and hidden city of K’un-L’un

Son of a multimillionaire

One of the stop martial artists in the Marvel Universe

He has substituted for Daredevil on the odd occasion

Even without the “Iron Fist” Danny is still extremely deadly

Daredevil – Matthew Michael “Matt” Murdock


Blind superhero who works out of Hell’s Kitchen

Lawyer by day, vigilante by night

Original costume was yellow not red

Frank Miller has been credited with making the character what he is today

He is often used to show the human side of the super hero world

He was played Ben “I’m Batman” Affleck in his first cinema outing.

There has only been one time when the entire editorial team on DD were all women: Javins, Watson and Chase

David Bowie’s Ex wife once tried to create a Daredevil Tv Series

Jewel – Jessica Jones


One of the youngest Marvel characters, she has only been around since 2001 but her back story is tied in with many other heroes

growing up she had a crush on classmate Peter Parker and Teen idol Jonny Storm

Her powers are Flight and Superhuman strength and physical resistance

She spent years under the mental domination of the Purple man

She was created for the series Alias (not the Jennifer Garner series) for 2 reasons 1 – they needed someone with great hair and 2 they couldnt fit jessica drew in without screwing up continuity

She has worked as a P.I, Superhero and for the Daily Bugel

She has faced many personal problems but has still found a way to grow

Currently she has semi retired to help raise her daughter

In my humble opinion she is one of the strongest female leads marvel has to offer.

These characters may not be the biggest but they have some of the best human driven stories, that dont rely on big special affects to make work. With the right writing team these will work, maybe thats why dardevil never worked as a movie, its a series that needs time to really take hold and hopefully this will be shown in the netflix brodcast.


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