Legend of Korra Season 2, my thoughts – Spirits and Spoilers.

Korra season 2 is over and it’s taken me a few days to process my feelings about the end, I guess I should start with the beginning. The origin of the Avatar story was brilliant, some of my favourite scenes from this season where thanks to Wan. I was so glad that they brought in a different studio to animate these scenes, it really gave them a different feel, yes the art work was a little more cartoonish but it gave it a great Myzimaki style that really helped the episodes stand out.


Onto team Avatar, Bolin and Mako swapping places this season, which was unique. Mako started off as the badass and Bolin as the fool, but by the last few episodes Bolin had really manned up, infact he was instrumental in many key victories including winning Eska to his side and saving the president, plus he got to show off his guns, the guys now a bit of a beef cake, go him. While Mako took his time with telling Korra about a few major details. I was more than a little let down with the Asami treatment this season, she is pretty badass and was so strong in season one yet now she seems to have been reduced to a love starved puppy, who still looks great in a red dress, just thought that was worth mentioning. Hopefully next season she will be back with her equalist glove showing the benders how it’s done.



Aangs children made a lot of progress throughout the season, partuarly Tenzin and Bumi. Tenzin who has been very uptight since day one finally gets some perspective and loosens up realising that he is Aang’s son and not Aang, while Bumi who was annoying at first was key to victory at the end, showing us that maybe his stories are not all made up tripe.


Death to the old age and long live the new

This season brought us a new concept harmonic convergence. This is a once every 10,000 years event, during this event the spiritual energy is at its highest and the planet align, this when the spirits Vaatu and Ravaa do battle to decide how the next age shall be, one of chaos and order, its here that we find out that the Avatar is in fact the human manifestation of Ravaa, which finally makes sense, as we now know what Aang and Korra are the Avatar of. This arc was at first feeling a little forced but the background in the end really meshed well with the franchise and gave it a very epic feel, I just hope they don’t suffer from Dragon Ball Z syndrome and struggle to find a bigger and badder bad guy for next season. All I know is with the ending a new cycle has begun and the series creators have pulled away from relying on old characters by removing Korra’s past lives so this gives them a clean slate and new troubles for Korra to face, which will hopefully give us some interesting stories for next season.

We may have entered the new Avatar Cycle  but we still did get to see a few old faces Zhao, who we find out is imprisoned within the spirit world, a fate he truly deserves.Dr Zei’s fate was finally revealed, after finding the Library of Wan Shi Ton, who also appears, he died, the way he probably wanted. Out of all the returns there is one that excited beyond the rest, we find out what happened to Iroh. Now living in the spirit world he manages to act as a guide of sorts to the cast and I cant think of anyone better suited to the task.



This was a great season with amazing animation, you don’t see this quality of animation on American television, it went beyond season 2, the plot was on another scale but my only concerns one of which i mentioned earlier was maybe it go to big, the other is it was really never explained why Korra’s uncle did what he did, was he mad, was he tricked, you never really find out why he thought allying with the spirit of darkness would be a good idea.


Best Fights

As a series that fits into the action adventure category Legend of Korra is going to have more than a few fights and this season has had some of the best so far.

1. Unalaq vs Tonraq – A little bro on Bro action, these two water bending masters had quite the throw down. Water Bending was always a more slow paced style in The Last Airbender, but here we see to masters, nott o far off their prime, duking it out. Its rough, tough and fast paced, plus we came so close to a some fist in the face, was a quick but amazing fight.


2. Avatar vs Dark Avatar –  This one was very Godzilla. Republic city nearly annihalated by an evil giant monster, hmmmm only one thing can stop it ANOTHER GIANT HOTTIE, I mean monster. This fight was part rave (with all the shiny colors) part sentai, it was on another level beyond anything the series has done before and I fear they will never top it, but wow what visuals.


3. Wan vs Vaatu – The fight that would start everything. You know it can only end with good beating evil, order over chaos, Wan becoming the Avatar, but still it was a nail biter. The battle is another epic one, Giant Dark spirit vs human whose skills are a lot more raw and unformed than any of the other Avatar’s, but thats what makes this one so brilliant.


4. Bolin vs Water Benders – This is the battle where Bolin really begins to shine. He is confident and unflinching  a side we have not seen before. The fights so good that Shiro has to commentate on it even if there is only one person listening.

5. Korra and Mako the break up – Its one that may not have been a physical fight but it will have a ripple affect on the rest of the series.

To wrap things up I really need to throw a few special shout outs to the supporting characters, Tenzin’s children particularly Jinora had a chance to shine this season and I loved the comedy supplied by new characters Varrick, Zhu Li and Eska, no one but Aubrey Plaza could play Eska, it was a definite case of perfect casting. More great casting was followed with James Remar, this guy is now ultimate TV dad, playing Dexter Morgan’s father and Elijah Woods father in Wilfred, he brings a strong and serious tone that really complimented Tonraq. For the next season I really hope to see the return of Koh, he had a lot of potential and now that he can freely travel between worlds who knows, also anyone else get a shifty feeling about president Raiko?


So I really enjoyed season 2, it went big and in my opinion it paid off, hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as me.


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  1. Would it be okay to say it was awesome but it could have been better? Don’t want to upset any Korra fans but I think the ending was lacking a lot of explanation and just like Book 1, I wasn’t satisfied with how Book 2 ending. I guess leaving the portals open will make things interesting but was there any point in breaking the link with the previous Avatars? I mean right after showing the whole back-story with Wan. Also, I didn’t like the fact Korra thought that ‘all’ the previous Avatars were wrong in leaving the portals closed. I mean did she even think deeply about it or did she leave the portals open on a whim? She hasn’t even learnt much about the spirit realm. I know I’m ranting but I needed to find a place before I wrote my own review… xD


    • They are valid points, I loved the series as well but the ending has me being like hmmmmm you sure about this. Still breaking that link with the old Avatar’s means that they are free from the restraints of the original series, hopefully they will do it justice


      • OMG! That would be sooo awesome! Like a spin-off where we follow the lives of previous avatars from different times and how they can connect with another. Imagine a spirit that affects time itself and they have to work together to get rid of it through-out history at the same time. Would make for a great fan-fiction…


      • Oh yeah. True… XD
        Never made that comparison before… Although I’ve never really been a Dr Who follower up until now. My friends convinced me to give it a shot so I’m watching it one episode at a time from the 2005 restart and reviewing it as I go along on my blog. Just done the first episode so far. Probably watch the second one today.


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