Graveyard chronicles from a cosplayer kitten! Part 3

At this point, you guys might say something like: does this girl ever write something in positive?
To that, I have but one answer: OF COURSE I DO!


Today I’m here to talk about something very positive: this week, me and my group of nekos, are going to this convention and hand out flyers about the regulations of animal rights according to the UNO.

I am so excited to go and do this, we are helping the situations of our furry, four-legged mostly, friends, that some live on the streets because of people who don’t give a crap about them, leave them just because they grew up too much.


We are going to dress up in our halloween neko costumes, and go there, and spread good word around. Hopefully, people will actually read the pamphlets and start being more responsable with their pets.

So yeah, that’s that! and see, happy and positive review. *kitty out*


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