So you want to play magic the Gathering? Part 7 mixing the colors?

So this is the end of our series on Magic the Gathering. I want to just finish off with a small article on where you stand in this mix, you’re probably reading the previous articles and thinking multiple colors would match you, well that’s probably true, that’s why you can mix the decks, I myself have a Black/Red vampire deck, it’s pretty awesome, so see what suits you.


Plenty of characters in the game are related to multiple colors so why can you. My suggestion, play around with the original five, see who you like best, do some research online and see what other players say, then just play what feels right for you. This isn’t Apartheid South Africa, you can mix the colors and in fact I am encouraging it, in the game and in life.


If you’re worried about Mana production you can get Colourless and Duel Coloured lands to help ease this issue, and a beneficial side you can use Dual Colored lands, these are very useful, there some pictures below. A lot of the modern ones have to be played tapped so don’t use to many.






A final benefit is Dual Colored Monsters tend to be more powerful so playing them can be devastating to an opponent. You don’t even have to stop at two colors, many people use three and some decks even require 5 to be truly effective, so experiment and don’t be afraid to loose, as long as you learn from each defeat.

This one is unique, Karn here is a colorless character, so it gives him an unusual spin.

This one is unique, Karn here is a colorless character, so it gives him an unusual spin.

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