How much would it take?

After reading or watching things like KickAss and the HBO documentary on real life superheroes I’ve wondered, how much would it take?

How much would it take for someone like me to want to do that?

How much crap does the average person have to take before they want to go out onto the streets and fight crime?

I sat through the documentary and I could see some of these people where a little nuts, others where hurt, but maybe that’s what it takes, maybe you need to be a little crazy to put a smile on and go make a difference, or maybe you need to be hurt to look back at the world and think, fuck it, if someones going to hurt the world, I’m going to go hurt them back.

When we read about these people maybe we feel that they are stupid, or they are going to get them selves killed living out this delusional fantasy, that they choose to make reality, but then again once we make something a reality, isn’t it real?

Isn’t there noble intentions better than the apathy that the rest of society chooses to show. We see apathy everyday in the things we do, people just don’t care anymore, I’ve seen young thugs yell racist slur at people in the street and no one does anything about it, even something as mundane as people throwing their litter on the ground and walking on, In recent months I’ve found myself rectifying situations such as these, don’t worry I’m not planning on putting on the cape and tights just yet, but it makes me wonder how far does someone need to be pushed, how much apathy do we need to see before we decide that’s it, we have had enough.

Lets face it plenty of us have maybe thought about it at one point or another, its a common fantasy in today’s society, to go out and fight injustice but now people are actually doing it, for more information check out the real life super hero project, its a website dedicated to honoring and connecting these brave individuals. Don’t judge them for they are brave enough to live their dreams and stand up to injustice, personally Gotta say Life if you ever read this major props on your costume, total badass and pimp. These individuals are active all over the world click here for a little more information.

So my hats off you brave men and women, maybe they don’t always fight crime, but they fight injustice, weather its helping the less fortunate or just patrolling the streets these are great men and women and any of us would be lucky to have them come help us.

Its been said before but its not the costume that makes you the hero so I hope everyone who reads this decides that they can make a difference even if its only a small one.

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