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Declaring The Victories!

So I picked up another graphic novel, this time it was The Victories Volume 1. Created by Michael Avon Oeming, whose work on powers is outstanding, you may also be familiar with him from Thor Blood Oath, Red Sonja, Bluntman & Chronic and B.P.R.D. The series deals with a superhero team who for all their faults are fighting a desperate battle against crime. Each member of the team has deep psychological issues, much in the same way as the Watchmen; only these issues drive the Victories to do better, to be better, to find a better way.


As superhero teams go the Victories are a strange mix, they aren’t the justice league thou shalt not kill do gooders, but they are not the ultra-violent indiscriminate killers like the Punisher, to sum it up they will cut your hand off, but they won’t beat you to death, they are not killers they have rules and show restraint.


Volume 1 is told from the perspective of Faustus, imagine Batman and Rorschach had an alcoholic baby. This guy is very badass, but he is dealing with a lot of personal issues that just might drive him to the edge, can he make it back and be the hero HIS city needs, well that’s for you readers to find out.21351

Now there will be some viewer discretion needed, this book does not hold back on the punches, or the beheadings either. There is sex, drugs and a lot of fighting, so ye if you’re not one for blood or boobs, you may want to give this one a miss, but you will be missing out on a story that reminded of both batman (at his darkest) and the watchmen.


A final note is the art, its dark and bright at the same time, you have these bright heroes hidden constantly in shadow further echoing what kind of world this is. Every panel is beautifully drawn, it’s just satisfying to look at.

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