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So in recent months I have been using kickstarter. Now I am very picky about what I kickstart, so I have to really love a project before I’m willing to invest. In the recent few weeks I have begun to RP, just dipping my tow in the water with Call of Cthulhu  I have been told it’s one of the best beginner games along side D and D. Its a great game just it has a lot of lore and that can be very daunting, by a crazy piece of blind luck I discovered this wonderful project on Kickstarter that seems to be the answer to all of my RPG prayers.

OVA: The Anime Role-Playing Game. Combing something that I love – ANIME with something I’m trying to get into RPG’s. I was intrigued. After reading up on all their information I quickly became a backer, and as of five minutes ago I have increased the amount I’m backing them by, the game just looks that good.

Before posting this article I got in touch with the creator, Clay Gardner and he sums the game up by saying this:

‘At heart, OVA is a rules-light, easy-to-learn game that’s perfect for anime fans unfamiliar with RPGs or gaming veterans that want a quick-playing game to capture their favorite anime shows.’

This one is a does what it says on the tin job, always great, you create the character and you do what you want with him/her. So fighting evil robots, searching for love or possibly go for a save the cheerleader save the world scenario the possibilities are boundless.

Now if your worried that an RPG game may not be for you, this is the refined version of the game, the original which came with outstanding reviews was well received  just this is now a less clunky version.


On another great note we have been given permission to post a link to the free character book which includes a condensed version of the rules for everyone to read.

Please find the Miho link here.

If you go to their page you will also gorgeous artwork that really helps capture the imagination, giving it a good light upbeat feel, which I think this genera needs badly.

So if your like me and new to this world you really should look to investing in this game, but if your an old hand at RPG and are looking for something fun and new the same applies. So great concept, fun play style and beautiful artwork hope you all enjoy.

for more information visit their home page here.

This is amazing project and we would like to thank Clay for letting us post about it.

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