Cult (2013) TV Series Review

As of yesterday the series Cult has been cancelled. The premise for the series was that a journalist’s brother has become obsessed with a television series about a fictional cult, when fans of the same series kidnap the brother it sends our protagonist down a rabbit hole to investigate who these crazed fans are and what motivates them.


Why was it cancelled?

Perhaps timing, only a week earlier Fox started airing the Following (staring Kevin Bacon) both shows where about crazed cults, this is an unusual subject matter to be dealing with maybe people felt over saturated, whatever the reason it is a shame. Both series where very different, the Following had a more basic approach and Cult had the twist in that the cult in question where fans of a series about a cult.

It was nice to see Robert Knepper (Prison Break’s T-Bag) back on screen playing the lead actor in the fictional series of Cult, seeing him in the show was defiantly one of the biggest draws to me and I’m sad that we won’t see where is character would have gone.

R.I.P Cult yet another series ended far too soon.


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