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Is Secret Invasion a True Return to form for Marvel

Let’s face it with every new MCU release there has been an increase of hate for Marvel. Now personally I think most of it is purely hyperbolic, but some of it is warranted. So yes when an eternally optimistic Marvel fanboy like me thinks there is a problem you know it has to be true.

So what is my current issue with the MCU?

Personally, I think the MCU plays it too safe. I know She Hulk and Moon Knight both took some risks but then right at the end they played it safe when they should have gone hard and embraced the weird. Or how the new Antman should have either killed Scott or left him trapped in the Quantum realm. The former would give an interesting dynamic with Cassie and Iron Lad and the latter would have been great motivation for Cassie to join a young avengers team.

Anyway I’m getting side tracked, but if you look at films where Marvel deviated from the formula and relied on good story telling, without the spectacle of big cameos, films like The Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy and Spider-man Homecoming, this is where the MCU truly shines.

Secret Invasion may just be that, the first trailer teases something between Invasion of the Body Snatchers and 2023’s the Night Agent. It looks like a much more serious show that will focus more heavily on its story telling rather than big flashy spectacles. Though this is Phase 4 Marvel so I guess we won’t know until the series finally drops in June. Until then I’m choosing to be optimistic.

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