Our Geeky Girl Crushes Part 25

It has been over a year since I have done one of these, but sure why stop doing a classic?

You reads seems to enjoy them so I am going to keep doing them.


Martina from Nerdforge


Martina along with Hansi are two modern forgery masters. And in this case we will be focussing on Martina. She uses her elite skills to craft some utterly stunning builds. In her own words she (along with her partner) makes videos on how they make art, props, fantasy stuff and electronics projects – and everything in between! 

Sarah AKA Seerasan

This German/Aussie Youtuber is known for her work in Japan

Though her Yotube Channel is quite quiet it is on the Tokyocreative channel where she does most of her work. She is also active on instagram and all of her videos are both fun and informative meaning she is always an utter joy to watch.

Umi Shinonome

Are you a fan of robots? 

Specifically Gundam?

If this sounds like you then you are goign to love Umi-chan.

Umi-Chans videos are great to watch, she is a natural infront of the camera, mix that with some increrdible skills at building models and she is amazing to watch. Plus if you get bored of all the mecha builds, and why would you? Well if you get bored of the mecha you can watch her behind the scenes modelling work.

Cleo Abrams

This one is one of my favourite Youtubers, her channel is incredibly informative and asks a lot of questions I never even considered.

She has the wonderful inquisite energy about her and is great at dumbing things down for her viewers without ever making us feel stupid. If you want to look into what the world of tech is up to this is the channel for you.



Lilchiipmunk is a popular League of Legends player, who goes live on Twitch streaming platform almost every day. She is also popular for being the girlfriend of another Twitch streamer, Summit1g.

Lilchiipmunk is infamous for her streaming in quite explicit dresses and costumes, often displaying her thighs on streams, showing off her fancy stockings.

ZiggZaggΣrZ… the Bastard

Her bio is utterly unique and if I was to try and emulate it, I would not do it justice. But I can tell you this, Ziggzaggerz is a truly beautiful and creative soul. But she does describe herself as an Alien ambassador evolving Earth via Nerdiness Environmentalism & Spirituality.

Lea Martinez

Léa is a self proffessed streamer, part time cosplayer, long time fan of all things nerdy. 

Not only is she a huge nerd but she has also partnered with several big nerdy companies, inculding on the newest Bat-Family game.


With over One Million followers on twitch it is safe to say that Emiru has quite a few fans. She is primarily known for streaming League of Legends and her cosplays on her Twitch channel. She is a content creator for the gaming organization One True King.

Ely Cosplay

Ely cosplay was born in Taiwan but is now based in Japan. She has quickly gained a huge following in the world of all things nerdy. And in her spare time loves cats, anime, comics & travel. Of course this is when she is not creating amazing Cosplay.


Has such a short simple bio stating this:

“I’m Susu and I do things sometimes”

She is a hilarious youtuber and knows her audience well.

With over 300,00 followers anbd support from G feul it is pretty obvious this women is here to stay.

Did I miss anyone?

Who else would you want me to add to this list?


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