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Your Geeky Girl Crushes Part 23

It has been a while since we posted another one of these and they always do so well so please as always if we have missed anyone just comment below. Or check out our previous lists and see if you recognize anyone.


Jess McDonnell

The newest addition to the Whatculture team comes all the way from Australia. She is an avid gamer who kicks ass at games like Mass Effect and Yakuza while still showing off a fantastic sense of style and a charm that is impossible to fake. It is easy to see why she has such a large following.



One of the worlds most famous Cosplayers. It is an absolute disgrace that I did not mention her earlier. She is incredibly talented and so much fun to follow on social media, plus if you ever meet her at cons she is an utter delight to speak with. It is easy to see why companies such as Dynamite are so eager to partner with her.



Professionally known as Ragzy is an American artist who has gained quite a following after her stint on the American version of Lego Masters. Though she was not a favorite to win her and her teammate went from strength to strength with each new episode and arguably where some of the most fascinating and talented people on the show. With a huge love for science, math, and puzzles, it is no surprise that this incredibly talented and hard working women was going to end up on our list.


Renee Reynose

A self professed life long gamer and veteran broadcaster Renee has been on Youtube from 2008 so this women has a history. She has operated under multiple allieses, which does add a layer of mysteriousness to her but now most know her as Renee. As of 2012 she left the real world to focus on her gaming and in 2013 she made the choice to only being on Twitch – so if you want to know more it is best you head there, with a following of over 750,000 you will be in good company.


Shibuya Kaho


Kaho Shibuya) is a Japanese cosplay model, radio host, actress, author, and former AV idol from Tokyo. Growing up as a fan of anime and manga it is no surprise that she would delve into the world of cosplay, though she has gone on and done so much more. For instance she started out as a baseball journalist, before moving onto to getting qualifications in qualifications in teaching English and in childcare. Kaho would even get a perfect score on the TOEIC exams. 

She would go on to join the AV idol group SEXY-J [ja] as its ninth member, and also recorded a single in August 2015, sign an exclusive deal with Alice Japan to create “Adult Content” with them (though she left the industry) and hosted Kaho Shibuya’s Tawawa Challenge on Japan’s Skyperfect TV. So as you can see this is a women of many talents, who has worn plenty of hats in her short career. It will be interesting to see what she does next.

Stephanie Zelinski

I am not to sure what to say about Stephanie, she is a Marvel fan and seemed to be having a great Youtube channel but has not posted anything a long time. Still her back catalogue is a lot of fun and worth looking through. 


Amelia Rose Blaire

Amelia Rose Blaire is an American actress. She is known for her roles as vampire Willa Burrell on the True Blood and Piper Shaw in Scream. She and her husband also regularly stream video games on Twitch under the brand Dechart Games. Tying both these together she has appeared in both Detroit Become Human and Cyberpunk 2077.


I took one look at her bio and I was like ok this women must be busy. Media Host, Writer, Gamer, Voice Actor and Mom. The first four of those can be time consuming but juggling them all while being a mom, well I guess she just never sleeps.

And between all that she even makes face masks…

Well I am impressed!


イナミ- kungfu – inami_future

I came across this one on twitter and I was instantly hooked.

She is a kung fu artist whose personal motto is “Growing Every Day”. Her feed is a mix of martial arts, modelling and everything in between. Trust me if you want to see someone who is truly unique this is someone to follow.


A variety streamer who is all about the fun. This English Rose is a fan of Cosplay, Gaming, Gym, Reading, Toys, Cartoons, Anime, Movies and lego. I took a look at her feeds and she is bubbly energent and just fun to watch. In this bleak and dark world Sunpi is someone we should all watch, trust me she will cheer you up in a heartbeat. 

Do you think we should aim for 24?

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