Did Floki sail to Iceland?

Warning Spoilers Ahead

Fan favorite Floki has had a very tough time recently, he has begun to doubt his God’s, he lost his family, he lose the man that gave him purpose and he now feel that he to has lost his home. So at the beginning of Season 5 Floki chooses to do the sensible thing, at least in his mind and kill himself, but Floki being the man that he is wont go down so simply. Floki builds himself a tiny long boat and heads out to sea, to see what fate the gods choose for him. At his core Floki is a deeply spiritual man and though he holds nothing but contempt for Christians, who he see’s as cowards, he develops a begrudging respect for Muslims, after seeing a group praying and ignoring the threat around them. So for Floki to put his fate in the hand’s of his God’s seems to be very much in his character, he is a builder at heart, yes he loves to fight and kill, but he loves to create and bring new things into this world, dying at see was next for him. 

Our intrepid voyager spends much time at sea, we know this because in all the time he is away the Son’s of Ragnar go onto to conquer York, meanwhile back in their homeland a lot goes down, which I will discuss later. He floats to the point that he he is on the verge of starvation and literally dying of thirst. When he finally reaches land he opens his eyes to see black sands and a bleak but stunning landscape, later when he moves further in land he see’s a great Waterfall/ he thinks he see’s it going in reverse. Floki then believes that he is in Asgard. First off clearly Floki has never watched a Marvel film or seen any of the memes detailing where Asgard is. Secondly it appears the boat builder has ended up in Iceland.

Though I am unsure how he traveled from Wessex/Mercia, you Know the East and South of England to end up in Iceland far to it’s North West, past Scotland, Ireland and several other small islands, its not impossible, as we know Floki’s time at see is an unreliable narrative, in fact the whole first two episodes both have huge time jumps in them. But I have four pieces of evidence that support that Floki did indeed arrive in Iceland. 

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Without his wife he truly fell into despair

  1. We know that Vikings would eventually settle in Iceland and we know that in the show’s timeline they have not done that yet.
  2. The Black Sand beaches.
  3. The Landscape
  4. The most important piece of evidence is the Landnámabók. This is is a medieval Icelandic written work which describes in considerable detail the settlement of Iceland. One of the key players is Hrafna-Flóki Vilgerðarson, the first man to sail to Iceland. Several fans have believed that Hrafna-Flóki Vilgerðarson is whom the shows creators based Floki on.

Vík í Mýrdal Iceland beach is a beach of Black Sand

This would be a fitting arc for Floki, he has been through a lot and though he is a bit of a bastard sometimes, but we the fans cannot help but root for the guy.

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    • Thanks. At this point I am fairly certain especially with the naming of Floki, the Black sand and the fact that Iceland has yet to be named as Viking territory. In the end as long as we get more Floki I will be happy

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