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Your Geeky Girl Crushes Part 21

I know I said I would stop at 20 but 2020 has been a shit year for us all and you guys seem to enjoy these, so think of this as my gift to you all. If I missed anyone please comment below.


One of Taiwan’s most popular Cosplayers. She has a massive variety of content that would put many cosplayers to shame. Hopefully her fame will continue to grow and she will get the recognition she deserves.


A gamer of some renown, this Canadian Morrocan has definitely had a better 2020 than most. If you are not familiar with her then you should check her out especially if you are a fan of  League of Legends and Fortnite. 


Zelda Williams

The daughter of the late great Robin Williams, Zelda is awesome through and through. Not only is she named after the legendary princess of Nintendo fame, she is more than willing to dress up as her favourite Nintendo characters, play the games and even lend her voice to a few nerd classics suck as Legend of Korra. Plus she was bragging about her Lord Of The Rigs Extended Marathon and that is just something I think many of us can relate too.

Darcie Little Badger

Darcie Little Badger is an author and an Earth scientist. As an author, she specializes in speculative fiction, especially horror, science fiction and fantasy. Further, as a Lipan Apache, she develops her stories with Apache characters and themes. She has also added her voice to Indigenous Futurisms, a movement among Native artists and authors to write science fiction from their historical and cultural perspectives. At the same time, some of her works feature characters who reconfirm the presence and importance of LGBTQ+ community-members. Marvel Comics even brought her onboard to help write for Dani Moonstar, a fictional Northern Cheyenne superheroine. 


Jessie Flower

Jessie is the original voice of Toph Beifong, not only that but she is a graduate of Yale but I am sure you are all more concerned with the Avatar stuff. Since her time working on the show Jessie has very much stayed with the fandom and we all love her for it.


The daughter of writer Elizabeth Washburn, Dinglederper has quite the following on twitch and seems to get by on a mix of her looks, charm, lovable derpiness and just being fun. Plus she loves dogs, so who cannot say that this women is awesome!

Marjorie Liu

Marjorie Liu  is an American New York Times best-selling author and comic book writer. She is acclaimed for her horror fantasy comic Monstress, and her paranormal romance and urban fantasy novels[1] including The Hunter Kiss and Tiger Eye series. Her work for Marvel Comics include NYX, X-23, Dark Wolverine, and Astonishing X-Men.

Fiona Staples

Fiona Staples is a Canadian comic book artist known for her work on books such as North 40, DV8: Gods and Monsters, T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents, Archie, and Saga. One look at her work you will instantly see why she has won so many awards. 

Amandla Stenberg

Though many of may recognize her as Rue in The Hunger Games, this talented actor keeps herself busy with several side projects. One of which is her own comic book entitled NIOBE: She Is Life. This is a push by the young creator to add a bit of diversity into the world.


The OG Queen of Cosplay who is still churning out great pieces. Yaya Han is untouchable and also absolutely lovely to interview. There are many who covert her position as number 1, but as it stands no one will be taking it any time soon.

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