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Something to Know Before You Watch She-Hulk

Before You watch She-Hulk there is something you should know…

As a character She-Hulk has been known to break the 4th wall, which many of you will find familiar because it is something that Deadpool is known for. But that is where the comparison ends, She-Hulk did this first.

From around 1989 under the tenure of writer John Byrne She-Hulk began directly talking to her readers, arguing with her writer, tearing through pages and even using an advertisement to help get into a villains lair. In fact in issue 50 of the Sensational She-Hulk our main character She-Hulk herself would team up with the comics editor, Renee Witterstaetter, to kidnap John Byrne and hold him captive until the book could find a new writer. This was a revolutionary idea that was used to great affect and helped make She-Hulk seem like her own character, as opposed to a “girl hulk”.

And the reason why I am telling you all this is that the latest trailer for She-Hulk seems to have her break the 4th Wall and address the audience directly.

If handled correctly this could be a fun refreshing twist that will help freshen up the MCU, but if executed poorly it could be a gimmick that falls flat. Personally I think this could one of the key ingredients in breathing some life back into the MCU.

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