Ms Marvel Is Going To Court Some Controversy

Firstly I am looking forward to this series and think the casting is spot on. But I am telling you now the show will have three different types of haters. 

Type 1 = The Assholes

I was the trailer for this and all I could think of is that cringe tweet from a supposedly respected critic.

Like Turning Red, Marvel Studios’ Ms. Marvel has been written from a certain perspective. That of a brown-skinned teenage girl. Some people may take umbrage with this and will attack the film for completely stupid reasons. Let’s face it, just because the main character does not look like you, does not mean you need to hate the film. 

Type 2 – The purests 

In the comics, Kamala Khan’s most well-known powers are elongation, which allows her to extend her limbs, torso, or neck to great distances, and the ability to alter her size. While in the series it seems like Kamala may have a different set of powers. Which has probably been done to link her more to Captain Marvel. 

Type 3 – People who just don’t like it.

Ahh, these ones will just not like the show, and that is totally fine.

As for me, I think I am going to enjoy this one. 

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