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Dynamite: Nyx #5

When we started this series, Nyx was literally terrified of herself. And as the series has progressed she not only began to understand where she came from, but she also learned about who she was and what she wanted to be. Not only that but it seems over time she did something many of us struggle with, she managed to work on herself. Issue 5 is going to show us the fruits of Nyx’s labor, as we will finally see the women she has become.

I just love this theme, of finding who you want to be or to be more precise finding out who the best version of you could be and working to become that person. Christopher Cage has taken this all too human idea and brought it to life in such a badass way. To me this is a universal theme and speaking as someone who is trying to be a better version of himself, this series has weirdly resonated with me. 

But Nyx does not just stop there, this issue sees our protagonist confront her father. I know she has already done that earlier in the series, but this time round she confronts him as the person she wants to be, now that is something I think many of us in therapy would kill for. And do not worry the book does not stop at feeding us a delightful story, no there is plenty of action and some fantastic and devious plot developments.

Add in the amazing art of Marc Borsstel and you have another fantastic issue to a series that continues to surprise me. If you are looking to grab yourself a copy of this book then today is your lucky day as it has just been released. 

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