Fans Of Square Enix Soundtracks Can Rejoice

I am a huge fan of all things Square Enix, after all, I have been playing their games for over 2 decades. And one thing that has always struck me about their games is their amazing soundtracks. From Final Fantasy Vi right through to NieR:Automata (I know it was Platnum games but it was published by Square Enix) I have fallen in love with their soundtracks over and over again. In fact, if you are ever in my house there is a good chance you will just hear me listening to the Final Fantasy VII Remake soundtrack. The point is I am a huge fan and will always be a huge fan. 

So you just know that I was very excited to discover that they have a Youtube Channel dedicated to all of their music!

The channel will be full of music from their most iconic games, live performances, and even interviews with the teams behind the games. The fact that we are now celebrating 35years of Final Fantasy means this is the perfect time to dive in and enjoy some classics.


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