Ninja Certainly Lacks Any Backbone

As you can guess by the title of this article it is my humble opinion that Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. of the most popular streamers out there, if not the most popular, is quite the coward. I know this is a big and random statement but if we look at this week’s events it is easy to see how and why I have come to this conclusion. 

So it all started back on January 12th when YouTuber Jidion “JiDion” Adams sent his followers to flood Pokimane’s Twitch channel in what’s known as a hate raid. To the best of my knowledge, there has been no actual reason for this, other than the fact that he was being immature and decided to go after one of the biggest creators out there. As to why he picked Pokimane, we cannot be sure. One must wonder why would a grown man want to send their followers to harass a woman online…

Anyway, I am getting sidetracked. JiDion pushed his followers to post this  “L + ratio,” which is just a dig at her win to loss ratio. Immature but unwarranted. It caused Pokimaine to shut her 12-hour Valorant stream down. This led to JiDion being banned for fourteen days. But this would later be changed to a permanent ban. Some might think this is too much, but instead of going to a corner and licking his wounds, JiDion took to social media to lament what had happened to him. And when I say lament I mean he was acting like a little bitch.

(I am well aware that Pokimaine herself received punishment from Twitch recently but the situations are completely different)

Skip forward a little and Ninja was being pleaded with to help JiDion out. JiDion gifts Ninja one hundred subs while he’s live and requests that he helps him out. Ninja caves into the pressure and, live on stream, claimed he was texting his twitch rep, he would take his phone out and actively text or pretend to text. Pokimaine would later go on to call Ninja out for this and what happened next is some of the most impressive and spineless backpedaling I have ever seen. (I should also mention that during all this drama Ninja used at least one derogatory term to refer to women, which just does not help)

After Pokimain called him out for it, Ninja would then go on to text her, and that is where things begin to ramp up..

Ninja would direct message Pokimaine with three quick short messages

  1. Hey, so I just wanted you to know

  2. I swear on my grandfather’s life, who just passed away, that I didn’t text my twict rep

  3. And you are making a big mistake

Now some people are reading that third message as a threat. I will give him the benefit of the doubt and say it was just poor phrasing. And it did not end there because of course Pokimaine was not happy with how things turned out.

Not only did Ninja bow down to JiDion publicly, but then openly showed support for him. It does matter if he was faking it or not, there were a multitude of better options for all involved in this scenario. So at this would you would think it is all over?

Sadly not,  because Ninja is now choosing to hide behind his wife/ manager Jessica Blevins and possibly the law. Jessica Blevins apparently DMed the Pokimaine on Twitter, saying the two are “considering everything defamation of character at this point” and are getting their legal team involved.

This is a bold move, and I doubt a legal team could do much. Perhaps a slap suit?

But even then it is just a stupid low blow. I am very much unimpressed by Ninja’s behavior in all this…

The dude needs to grow a fucking backbone and own his shit.

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