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Dynamite: KISS: Phantom Obsession #5

So where were we?

Oh yes, Miss Tzen was badly injured and KISS, the greatest band in the world, managed to get her to safety. But there is little time to waste because the big bad has yet to come and there are secrets to be revealed. Will KISS beat the bad guy and save the girl?

the only way to find out is to grab issue 5 now. And I warn you from here onwards there is a mild spoiler warning. 

So, chums, this is how you end a series. A big twist, a couple of reveals, a sexy android, a billionaire in a mech suit, and a cosmically powered KISS. what else could you want from a series?

It is rare to find a book that manages to be 50% plot and 50% action but this one managed to do it. Plus if I am right there was a cheeky little reference to Mazinger, seriously I cannot shut up about how much I love this series. So instead of talking about it, I feel this sums up my feelings best:

I really am not sure what to say, because I want to avoid the chance for any major spoilers, but simply put this series was magnificent. From Ian Edgintons, bonkers, and unique plot to the fantastic and one-of-a-kind art of Celor, I honestly have never read anything quite like this series. And if you are interested in grabbing yourself a copy of the book then I am happy to tell you that it is on sale as of today.

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