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Dynamite: James Bond: Big Things HC

With the release of the critically acclaimed No Time To Die the time just feels right to read some James Bond literature, and this Hard Cover is the perfect place to start.

I will try and keep this light on the spoilers because what is a good old fashioned 007 tale without a little bit of mystery, 

Our story begins with possible art theft and goes into great detail on when and how one could pull off a heist. In fact, 007 hardly appears at the start of the book at all which is kind of weird but it makes his entrance all the grander and worthy of something out of the Roger Moore days. In many ways the book is a light read, but it packs a real punch, so it strikes that balance that helps make stories like this really work. 

And much as the story works, written by Vita Ayala and Danny Lore, it is just taken to that extra level by the artists all of which need a mention Eric Gapstur, Erica D’urso, Marco Renna, and Brent Peeples. Their art just brings this world to life and you take this story and their art (which is further enhanced by colorists Roshan Kurichiyanil and Rebecca Nalty) and you have a book that any Bond fan would kill for.

If this one interests you then you can grab a copy as of today.

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