Are You Ready To Get Emotional With tick,tick…BOOM!

This one looks like it is going to be quite the emotional run. So tick, tick…Boom is one of the few plays written and released by Jonathan Larson, if that name sounds familiar it is because he was the writer of the hit musical Rent. Sadly Larson died at his home in the early morning hours of January 25, 1996, the day of Rent’s first Off-Broadway preview performance. He never really had a chance to see how much of an effect Rent would have upon the world. And as much as I love Rent and its 2005 movie adaptation tick tick…Boom may be a rival for that special place in my soul.

This one is not as popular as Rent but it came first, originally it was a one-man show and it was written in response to what happened before, during, and after his work on Superbia, tick tick…Boom would go on to help launch his brief but spectacular career. 

Originally tick, tick… Boom! tells the story of an aspiring composer named Jon, who lives in New York City in 1990. Jon is worried he has made the wrong career choice to be part of the performing arts. It was revealed by Johnathan’s father that Jon was a stand-in for Johnathan himself and eventually it was reworked into a three-man show. Now it has been turned into a movie.

A movie directed by the extremely talented Lin-Manuel Miranda and starring the insanely underrated Andrew Garfield. This seems like a sure fire hit for Netflix and something I cannot wait to see.


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