Ben Barnes Reveals His Musical Side

I am shocked to learn that this man is 40, I doubt that I will look this good when I hot 40, in 5 years time.

Still I am even more annoyed to learn that he is a fantastic and talented singer…

And to celebrate his 40th birthday Ben Barnes has announced that he is releasing an album

In a post he would go on to say this:

They say life begins at 40… well, not mine.
I am 14,609 days old today and I am celebrating every one of them. I have spent most of them pursuing dreams, surrounding myself with people I love and supported by all of you… and I know just how incredibly lucky that makes me.

One of my biggest unfulfilled dreams has been to release my own music. Music has been my passion my whole life and after a few false starts 20 years ago, I decided not to pursue it as a career. But today, I am realizing that ambition and announcing the release of my own songs.

I have wanted to create something more personal and intimate, to offer up something joyful, honest, soulful and passionate; I hope that you find some of this on my EP.

‘Songs For You’ will be released on October 15th and the first single, ‘11:11’ is available for pre-order now!

As you can probably tell, I’m beyond excited to share all this with you. This is a special moment for me. The experience of the past year and a half has offered a fresh perspective to us all and has certainly helped me understand what kind of man I want to be for the next 40 years… and it’s not one who is prepared to let his dreams just be dreams.

‘Your heart knows the way, run in that direction’ – Rumi 

He even went on to tease some of his upcoming work and I have to say I am eager to here what comes next.

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