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Dynamite : KISS: Phantom Obsession #1

Kiss are no strangers to comics but this is to be the first one  I have ever read. And after reading it I totally forgive Gene Simmons for that time his security guard shoved me out of the way, I should mention that I was not even trying to get near Gene Simmons I just happened to be in the way. The book is a Rock – Science Fiction match up for the ages. And if we go further I warn you there will be some mild spoilers ahead.

The Kiss: The Phantom Obsession see’s one of the worlds greatest musical acts ever be whisked off to a mysterious location by a billionaire super fan. The story involves robots, super powers and a frikken Kaiju. What more can I say?

This book is so over the top it makes most other Kiss merchandise look tame.

I really cannot say more because this issue one and anything else would be to big of a spoiler. But It is a well written story filled with gorgeous art and it is on Sale as of the 11th of August 2021.

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