Is Yolo The Perfect Song for 2020-2021?

I was listing to a random mix from my music recently and Yolo came on and I could not help but think that this song is the perfect anthem for anyone dealing with Covid.

How was this not a lockdown anthem?

I know I am coming off as an idiot but please just here me out.

YOLO, you only live once
The battle cry of a generation
This life is a precious gift
So don’t get too crazy
It’s not worth the risk

With the global pandemic being a series thing and a lot of people getting ill and or dying, the truth is we only live once. So yes this is absolutely correct.

You know that we are still young
So don’t be dumb
Don’t trust anyone
‘Cause you only live once

So many people are ignoring the rules and putting themselves and others at risk, yes 100% I agree with this sentiment.

Ugh, you only live once
That’s the motto
So take a chill pill
Ease off the throttle
Never go to loud clubs
‘Cause it’s bad for your ears
Your friends will all be sorry
When they can’t hear

Of course do not go to clubs. Think about how can you trust that everyone here is not sick, so yes best stay away.

And stay the hell away from drugs
‘Cause they’re not legal

Suppose that is good advice, but if you are going to do drugs you should only do them with friends and when you are mentally feeling ok. 

Then bury all your money in the backyard
Like a beagle
‘Cause you should never trust a bank
They’ve been known to fail

Well not sure about that, but if you did hide your money away then you have a higher chance of avoiding people thus not getting Covid.

And never travel by car, a bus
Boat or by rail
And don’t travel by plane
And don’t travel at all

Ye 100% avoid public transport at all costs. I say avoid if you need to use it then please use it.

Build a bomb shelter basement
With titanium walls
And wear titanium suits
In case pianos fall on ya

Maybe we should all have a little more protection in our lives.

And never go in saunas
‘Cause they’re crawlin’ with piranhas

A sauna cannot be a healthy place when we have a global pandemic – though the piranhas are probably fictional.

And never take the stairs
‘Cause they’re often unsafe

Well think about it, you do not know who has been touching the handles on those stairs??

And here’s another piece of advice
Stay away from kids
‘Cause their hair is filled with mad lice

Makes sense, kids can carry Covid without showing symptoms – plus lice are not fun so I will once gain agree.

There’s no such thing
As too much Purell

Ye we all know this one is true

This a cautionary tale
Word to George Orwell
So don’t 1980 force
Any plugs into sockets

In general just good general advice.

Always wear a chastity belt
And triple lock it

Keeps you from having sex, which means you are less likely to catch and or spread Covid

Then hire a taster
Make him check your food for poison

Helping employ people locally, something the economy needs.

And if you think your mailman is a spy
Then destroy him

Hey, you do not know where your packages have been.

No blankets or pajamas
They can choke you in your sleep

Look in this scenario you are not leaving the house, so you might as well enjoy being nude.

Two words about furniture
Killing machines

If someone has been sitting on your furniture you do not know what germs they have left there.

Board your windows up
The sun is bad for your health

Well yes,skin cancer is a serious issue, and if you cannot look outside then you will not want to go outside

And always wear a strait jacket
So you’re safe from yourself

At least you cannot touch anything or anyone. Smart thinking

Take no chances (No chances)
Stop freelancin’ (Right now)
Invest in your future
Don’t dilute your finances (Uh huh)
401K, make sure it’s low risk
Then get some real estate (How much?)
4.2% 30-year mortgage
That’s important, that’s a great deal
And if you can’t afford it
Don’t forge it on your last bill
Renting is for suckers right now
A dependable savings
And you’ll retire with money in your account

Honestly this is actually pretty good advice and actually spurned me onto get my first home. 

YOLO, say no-no
Isolate yourself
And just roll solo
Be care-folo
You oughta look out
Also stands for YOLO

Isolation means less chance of catching covid.

You know that we are still young
Burn the prints off your thumbs

Ok his may be going to far. Unless you want to avoid the law…

Then pull out all your teeth
So you can’t bite your tongue

Again i cannot advise doing this 

Only on this Earth for a short time, time
So don’t go outside, ’cause you don’t want to die, die

But yes stay in and avoid spreading, when possible 

Just take our advice and hide
And scream YOLO to the sky

Screaming to the sky can be quite cathartic , I do advise this

You oughta look out

You really should.

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