Matt Damon Is Fighting For His Daughter In Stillwater

Stillwater see’s Matt Damon portray an Oklahoma oil worker, who is forced to travel overseas after his estranged daughter has been arrested in France for murder. With few legal options he is forced to move across the world to work on a plan to save his daughter. All the while he is taking on a system that at best does not care but at worst is outright hostile. As time moves on he is forced to make some incredibly tough choices.

If this plot sounds familiar it is probably because it is eerily similar to the events that surrounded Amanda Knox. Amanda who was wrongly convicted of Murder in Italy and who had to fight tooth and nail to clear her name. By the way if you ever have a chance to watch the Netflix documentary on Knox I highly recommend it, she is quite an inspirational young women.

Back to Stillwater, it has Matt Damon and a fantastic director. This is a film I am looking forward to seeing.

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