Gods Own Junkyard To Showcase Their Neon Archive At Leadenhall Market

Gods Own Junkyard and Leadenhall Market announce Electric City, a collaboration involving multiple units showcasing their work in film over the last four decades. This will be installed and ready-to-view from 26 May. You may not be familiar with them, but you will be familiar with their work. Pretty much if you have seen a neon sign in a movie then there is a good chance you have Gods Own Junkyard to thank for this gorgeous visual. Their first film was Bladerunner, after which they produced neon for Mona Lisa, Batman, The Dark Knight, Eyes Wide Shut, Interview with a Vampire, Casino Royalle, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and many more.

If you need to wrap your head around how good these guys are, then you need only look at Eyes Wide Shut. Stanley Kubrick was notorious for not wanting to fly and loved working in London. And Gods Own Junkyard where brought in to help turn Pinewood Studios into a detailed recreation of Greenwich Village. Their work is truly iconic.

Several people have even gone and modeled at their site outside London, including one of our favorite cosplayers.

And to make this all the more delightful this exhibition will be at the gorgeous Leadenhall Market. Leadenhall Market is a covered market in London, located on Gracechurch Street and is one of the oldest Markets in London. It is a place so vividly stunning that it was used for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. 

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