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Red Sonja Volume 5 issue 26 Review

When last we left Sonja she was enjoying the spectacles of a foreign arena, only to be approached by a young women begging her to enter the fray and save her companion. Naturally Red Sonja is not the sort of women to back down from this challenge and she takes to the fight like a fish to water.

What we see next is glorious display of why she considered one of the greatest sword-based fighters in all of fiction. Not only does she take on every man in sight but a surprise creature from our nightmares as well. As would be expected, this is not the only fight that our heroine finds herself mixed up and I guess that is why we love her so much. If fighting is not your thing, then rejoice because there is plenty of intrigue going on to keep any reader hooked.

As always, the artwork is absolutely stunning and Drew Moss and Dearbhla Kelly have done an amazing job bringing Luke Liberman’s work to life. The series purposely uses a very limited pallet which really helps any dash of colour just pop and I am loving it.

If the ten-year anniversary of Game of Thrones, has you feeling nostalgic for the fantasy genera and you are not really into superheroes then this might just be the comic book for you. 

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