Black Bear – Film Review

I have been sitting staring at the screen for a while now and I really do not know what I am supposed to say about this film. To begin with I really loved it, there is no doubt about that but know that this is not a light hearted watch, this one is heavy and that is perfect. Due to the content of this movie, I really cannot talk too much about the plot because well that would ruin everything. So, this is going to be a pretty brief review and you should just go watch the film.

If you are looking for reasons to watch the movie, I can give you three. First off the film is just lovely to look at it. The cabin and forest setting are optical delicacies, in a world where we cannot go outside to often it was nice to sit and stare at this beautiful forest setting. The tranquil look of the place perfectly complements the quiet rage that the story holds within its maw.

My second reason to watch this is, well I will again be brief – YOU WILL NOT SEE MANY FILMS LIKE THIS.

I am not saying it is one of a kind but it will leave you thinking and that a lone is a good reason to watch the movie.

My third and final reason to watch this is Aubrey Plaza. Aubrey is simply brilliant in this film, she is brilliant in everything she is in, but here she truly shines. Gone is her awkward comedy, which I love, and Black Bear gives us something darker, intriguing and career defining. 

I really wish I could tell you more but I cannot, so just do yourself a favour and head over to the Glasgow Film Festival site and check it out for yourselves. 



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