The Drew And Look Podcast Is Kicking 2021 Off With Something A Little Different

This ones a little different from what we are used to, but its January 2021 so I think being different is more than warranted. 

Where previews entries in this series would take you on fantastical adventures into some of fictions most beloved worlds, this particular episode is going to take most of you into a world you may not be to familial with. This month Andy will be interviewing visual artist and author Bronagh Lawson about her book, Belfast: City of Lights. 

The description for this book is as follows:

What if, in the city of Belfast that is conflicted both emotionally and physically, a non-churchgoer artist decides to follow an artistic thread of visiting every church in Belfast for a service, simply looking and listening to what is going on?

Bronagh Lawson decided to do just that. After thirteen years of setting up and running cross-community, cross-border development programmes on interfaces in Belfast, she went back to her artistic roots and simply followed a thread of creative enquiry.

Ten years later, she considered how she could encourage others to see an alternative view of the spiritual life of the city. Belfast: City of Light is a true account of that journey. May it start a thousand conversations.

If you are not familiar with Belfast then I will explain, Religion plays a major part here, even if you are an atheist Religion will define you. Our major two political parties are divided along Catholic and Protestant lines, as is my family, even on my drive home I need to go past at least 8 different places of worship. In the ancient world the city of Ani was once described as the city of 1000 churches, I would say Belfast could give it a run for its money.

To have someone take a non biased view of this way of life is quite wonderful and I am very pleased that Andy decided this would be the perfect way to kick the year off. And I know there will be some of you that will be hesitant about this because of “religion” but just trust me it is worth checking out.

So check out the Podcast out if you are interested.


Amazon – where you can grab some books by Andy himself



And of course if you want to grab a copy of Belfast: City Of Lights then you can get one here

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