Minerablu Reminds Us That SDCC Cosplay Is The Best Cosplay


To all my fellow nerds. I am sure that like myself you are all missing the convention scene. (Even if at the age of 34 I am starting to feel that maybe I am to old for it, I still miss it. ) Just taking a glance at twitter or youtube it is refreshing to see that I am far from the only one, whose heart is longing to go to a convention. So many people need them to earn a living, so seriously support your independent artists, but I digress. I am here to talk about Cosplay Music Videos and in particular Minerablu, the master of the cosplay music video, has put together this highlight real of SDCC’s top cosplay from over the last few years.

If this is your first video by Minerablu then honestly you are in for a real treat, they take their time getting the shots just right and give the fans plenty to gawk over. Minerablu must patrol the convention floor in order to get the best of the best cosplay. Here you will see all your old favorites including Spider-Man, Asuka Langle, Boba Fett, The Incredibles, The Sisters of Battle, The Cabbage Vendor, Moana, The Teen Titans, The Avengers, The Joker and even Brendan Fraser’s the Mummy, to name but a few. So if you have never been to San Diego Comic Con or if you are an old hand, then sit back and enjoy.

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